About Me - how I lost my weight!

Author: Gordon Freeman

ME! You can lose weight too!Hi, I'm Michelle! As someone who has been in your position, I can sympathies with you. I know how difficult it can be, and how frustrating it is to try and try and TRY but not succeed. I have been there, but I was determined like you wouldn't believe to get where I am today!

I remember the date exactly, October 17th 2006, when I woke up and said to myself 'Today, I am finally happy with my body'. I started creating this web site about curology that very day to share with others everything I learned during my journey - curology reviews. I was 110kgs (242lbs) at one stage in my life, but stayed at about 95kgs (209lbs) for a long time. Today, I am 51kgs (112.2lbs, and still continuing to lose more)! It's not easy losing weight, but I will save you a LOT of trouble (all that I went through) and tell you what you need to know to make it so much easier!

If you follow what I say, I am sure you can can get there too! Never give up! Never think 'it's too hard to lose weight' or 'it's impossible for me' - nothing is impossible!! Start with some of my articles I have written, starting with 'The importance of confidence' and work your way down! If you have the will, then with my help, you can get there! I wrote about all the things I did and tried and I don't want all my efforts to go to waste on just me. If I can help just one other person to experience the feeling and satisfaction of losing weight, of making someone happier than they've ever been - then it's worth it!

If you need some inspiration or a morality boost - right this instant, read some of other people's experiences now! People have sent me stories and have thanked my site for helping them, click here to read some of them! If you have managed to lose weight and keep it off because of this site, please contact me and let me know, I love to hear success stories from my readers!

I pray all of you can achieve your dreams and be the person you want to be, I hope you find my site useful and hope it will help you achieve what you want!

Remember, don't give up!!! Just don't and you WILL get there!!!

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Posted by Michelle Rawlings