Preparing for Camping Trips in Spring 2016

Now that spring is here, we can get ready to enjoy the great outdoors again. Spring and summer gives us the chance to see the world at its finest, when everything is in bloom and nature is at its height of beauty. For lovers of nature and enthusiasts of the outdoors, camping is one of […]

Backpacking Tents

Backpacking Tents – Choosing the Right One

Choosing the perfect backpacking tent depends on a number of factors such as when and how you camp and also the area of your campsite. Investing in lightweight tents could turn out to be the most cost-effective and the best way to lessen the total weight of your backpack. You need to know about the […]

Death Valley, Nevada

Top 4 Winter Camping Destinations in US

Have you heard about the popular winter camping destinations in US? Camping in winter? Sounds like a chilly idea, doesn’t it? Well, dear traveler, there is some good news for you. It might surely be chilly outside, there are numerous spectacular year-round camping sites, which are comfy as well as spellbinding in the months of […]

Living in Manhattan

Living in Manhattan – Top Factors to Keep in Mind

Whether you are joining family or looking for work; moving to New York can be a much excited experience for everyone. Known the world over for its higher cost of living and expenses, New York has a lot to offer the residents and tourists alike to indulge in some of the best activities that you’ll […]

Footprint Groundsheets for Camping

Need for Footprint Groundsheets for Camping

Why do you need footprint groundsheets for camping? Numerous people may be wondering about that is question. In the recent years, you must have heard a lot of people talking about the use of footprint groundsheets for tents. In simple words, a footprint groundsheet is a portion of waterproof tarpaulin that is cut as per […]