camping with canines

Camping with Canines: 10 Tips for Pet Owners

Of the several advantages that come along with camping, it is the ability to tag along the furry friends that rules supreme. Not all dogs are fit for an excursion in the woods. A well-behaved and calm pooch can play a great part in enhancing the experience of the family, but a less decent one […]

Desert Camping

How to Camp in the Desert?

There are many people who would be thinking whether it is a viable option to camp in a desert. Desert camping has emerged to be one of the adventurous activities among the campers. It should also be mentioned that though it is an exciting opportunity beware that the deserts do not look like the ones […]

Eco warrior camping

Benefits of Eco Warrior Camping Style

Majority of the human population has the tendency to utilize natural resources but ignore the significance of preserving it. Eco warrior camping is the way of indulging in leisure activity that does not harm nature. Concern, knowledge and determination are the sole requirement to be an eco-warrior. Avoid Littering Un-traceability is the biggest identifier of conservationists. […]

Western Uganda

Adventurous and Thrilling Gorilla Camping

Gorilla camping is one of the most exciting and thrilling of the outdoor recreational activities which require the camper to be on the toes always. The campers get involved in a number of activities such as gorilla trekking, chimp trekking, lunch trips and game viewing. Two of the most famous gorilla campsites are: Nkuringo Gorilla Camp Located […]

BioLite CampStove

Top Geek Camping Gadgets

One can find plenty of reasons to enjoy the gifts of nature, without hampering the geeky appearance. Geek camping brings in the best of both worlds i.e. the camping gadgets and the enjoyment one gets in camping outdoors in the midst of nature, especially during summer time. There are several gadgets which make this experience […]

Wet Wipes

Frugal Camping for Fun with Family Within a Budget

Camping is a great means to be with family and the Nature simultaneously but can cost dearly if planned properly. People who live on a budget can also enjoy the experience by planning frugal camping. Therefore, with simple tips for this kind of camping it can always be enjoyable and never seem to be a […]