Best Camping Backpack Brands

Some of the Best Camping Backpack Brands

The best camping backpack brands offer not just the best quality but also good durability. In fact, the backpacks have really come a long way to become more functional and more fashionable at once. Though the backpacks are always a convenient option when travelling, they become all the more functional when camping.

Wildcraft hiking backpacks

These backpacks from Wildcraft are the best companions when out for camping and adventure. There are a number of features in the backpack. The bottom portion reveals a rain cover pocket, while its height can also be adjusted. Other features in the backpack include collapsible chambers or compartments, west belt, webbing, and more. The material of the backpack is nylon and it is made up of balloon pockets on the sides. The waist straps attached offer greater support as well.

American Tourister

The backpacks from American Tourister ensure good quality and durability while offering comfort. There are several backpacks from this brand that are unisex so that the campers can carry it irrespective of belonging to any gender. These bags are comfortable and spacious, besides they can contain a whole world of things.


Adidas, a backpack brand, offers backpacks for both men and women, while also offering unisex backpacks. Apart from being spacious and durable, the backpacks are offered with cushions and pads under the shoulder straps so as to make it comfortable to carry them. The smaller items can be put into the number of side pockets and chambers.


The backpacks from Puma have an aesthetic appeal while being steeped in functionalities. This brand offers backpacks in various styles and designs so that the camper can carry his load in style and comfort. The cushioned belts and straps make carrying the backpacks easier and more comfortable. The bags are made of good quality linen and are water resistant and durable as well.


The Skybags offers variously styled backpacks for both men and women. The bags have quite a number of pockets to make them more functional while also taking care of the aesthetic object in it. There are both one shouldered and double shouldered backpacks available at Skybags. They are available in variable sizes according to the size of the loads.


The Nike backpack brand offers a number of fashionable backpacks that are at the same time durable. The bags are made with such materials which are waterproof and weather proof. They have a number of sizes that range between small, moderate, and large, depending on the load or weight to be carried. Apart from their functionality, the backpacks from Nike are beautifully designed.


Fastrack offers cool and funky backpacks that are steeped in style. The backpacks are comfortable to be taken to adventures like skiing or hiking or trekking.

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