Drink Safe Water with Camping Water Filter

Camping Water FilterCamping water filters allow you to purify water in no time from streams, ponds and lakes and ensure that you take care of your health even while having fun with your family and friends outside. 

Gone are those days when you thought drinking from a stream or spring is quiet safe and the water you find is pure and safe. But be informed that water from these sources contains harmful bacteria and other chemicals that would cause illness to you and your loved ones. Camping water filteris the best option that would enable you to drink safe water even while interacting with nature with camping activities. It helps you in filtering the water by removing various contaminants including bacteria, dirt, viruses, twigs, twines, sediments, cysts and other chemicals that are toxic to humans.

Camping water filters help you be safe

Almost 80% of the illnesses are caused by the contaminated water available at various sources. These water filters are easily portable and ensure that the water you drink is safe and good to drink. This ensures that you are free of contaminated water even when you are on the move. These water purifiers have carbon filters with ceramic coating that have the capability of eliminating the protozoa and viruses that make the water from any sources unfit for drinking. Many of these portable water filters are capable of purifying more than 13,000 gallons of water that shows the durability of the purifier.

These water filters have an ergonomic design that enables you to use them at any site that has various sources of water. Many of these water purifiers have replaceable cartridges that need replacement after being soiled with the impurities in water. The working of the camping water filter is so smooth and also has various salient features that make them the best option for frequent campers and travellers. These filters come in an array of sizes to fit the requirements in camping and also depending on the number of members going for the camp. These are light weight filters that can be carried around very easily.

Other types of camping water filter

There are other types of water filters that are easy on your budget such as pump filters and gravity filters. In pump style filters the hose end is placed at the source of water while operating it is easy with the pump handle provided. This makes the water to be forced with the pump to reach the container in which the other end of the hose is placed. This is a very simple method of filtering water and is widely used by many of the campers across the world.  This works on the basic principle of pressure and also there is no usage of batteries or solar power.

Then there are gravity filters and UV light filters in camping water filter types that are also easy to use and also purify water in a simple way. The gravity filter is an easy way to filter the water. It has a container holding the water to be purified that is kept at a higher level and the outlet pipe that is attached to the container makes the flow of purified water very easy. Another new method of treating water is using the Ultra Violet light that has the ability to treat the water in most eminent way. This is a cheap and efficient method of purifying water and is very light to carry.

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