Winter Camping Boots

Choosing the Right Winter Camping Boots

A winter camping trip can be above the tree-line, below the tree-line, or overnight trips. Also you should take into account the characteristics of the given trip, the terrain and the conditions etc which plays quite an important role in influencing the selection of winter camping boots. Selecting the right kind of camping boots is important because in a winter camping trip, there are chances where the boots might get wet and freezes your feet resulting in frostbite injuries. Basically there are 3 types of camping boots for winter. They are: Single layer insulated boots; single layer un-insulated boots; and, double layer insulated boots.

Also, each type can be divided into several sub-types such as insulated boots with leather or rubber outers with removable felt liners, thinsolite liners etc. Additionally, winter camping boots should be waterproof and should be ideally made of plastic or leather uppers and rubber lowers. They should also be well insulated. The boots for camping in winter should also be snowshoe compatible and one should make sure that the binding works of the snowshoe works with the boots.

Another important thing to consider is that the boots should also be crampon compatible as one will be in need of crampons in case of a flexible sole, or else it will break. Matching the boots to the weather conditions is an important point to take into account before heading to a trip.

For below tree-line camping, one can get hold of winter boots from Keen Summit County, as they do not pose any problem in tackling high summits that are even above the tree-line. These boots are warm and work great with light traction, snow shoes, and mountaineering crampons.  If one is vying for even more cold temperature, they can get themselves Garmont Momentum Mid boots that are suitable for camping in chilling areas that have less than 15 degrees temperature. For above tree-line camping you should prefer winter camping boots with rigid sole, since you will tend to spend a lot of time in kicking steps into the slopes or wearing crampons.

If overnight trips is on the cards for someone, then they should consider in getting themselves a boot with removable liners that can be put into the sleeping bag to let them dry or preventing them from getting frozen at night. Boots such as Koflach Degre and Scarpa Inverno fall into this category.

One should always try to buy these technical mountaineering and winter camping boots from recognized retailers such as Eastern Mountain Sports, REI, Regatta Outlet  etc, as they provide the customer with a 100 percent guarantee and favorable return policy. These boots are put into test in a real manner when they are tried outside and with a combination of different socks. Purchasing the wrong pair not only increases the pain of the user, but also adding to the misery is the financial loss.

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