How to Find the Right Hiking Boots

How to Find the Right Hiking Boots?

The obvious question that comes into your mind, while planning a hiking trip in the rugged and rocky mountain terrains is how to find the right hiking boots. The search for the perfect hiking boots has some similarities with matchmaking. The choices for the hiking boots are usually resting on:

  • Your hiking boots must match your ambition for hiking. If you are planning for day hikes, casual boots can offer you the best.
  • You must ensure that the boots you select must comfortably fit you. As hiking is a stressful affair, your feet require being at ease during the adventure.

Now, you can have a brief note on the different types of boot options that can explain your prefect selection. Below are the lists of some of the most advanced yet comfortable collections that can make you exclaim, “It’s the perfect fit!”

Low cut

These are generally for the lightweight travels, which are perfect for lighter loads. Though they are less resistant to rolling for ankles yet can be effective if enhanced with flexible midsoles.

Mid cut

The mid cut boots wrap around the ankles and offer buffer from the debris. They are the perfect picks for shorter yet multiple day trips that consider medium loads.

High cut

This provides the ankle support and balance on the rugged and the rough terrains. This footwear is perfect for your long-distance trips.

Options for hiking boots

REI, which is known all over for its gear for outdoor activities, has noted around 4 categories of hiking footwear:

Light hiking boots

These boots resemble the casual running shoes which are modeled in low-cut and are enhanced with flexible midsoles. They are excellent choices for day hiking and are effective for long-distance journey. These boots are designed keeping a balanced ratio between your back and foot.

Hiking boots

The hiking boots are made for day hikes or the backpacking trips. These are mid cut or high end models which are flexible, but restrains the comfort and support as provided by the stout backpacking hiking boots.

Backpacking boots

These boots are designed for the multiple day trips in the rough mountain terrains. They are supportive and durable and can carry heavier loads. They have the stiffer midsoles suitable for both on and off trail travels.

Mountaineering boots

This footwear is equipped with stiffer midsoles designed for heavy loads and glacier travels. The mountaineering boots are supportive, durable and tough.

The above given guidelines may help you to choose the perfect footwear, that can fit your requirement. Whether you plan for light hiking or backpacking, you can always find your perfect pair. If you have planned for light loads, the lighter hiking footwear can perform the best job while the backpacking can rest on other choices which simply tell you how to find the right hiking boots.

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