Knowing About Different Campfire Types

Campfires are considered to be really enjoyable and they make the best out of a camping experience because of the scent of the wood, hot dogs, marshmallows and the warm blaze. It is important for people who are fond of camping to have a basic idea of different campfire types because it would help them in building one type of campfire in the beginning. A successful fire should consist of the three elements namely: heat, oxygen and fuel. The fire types that have been mentioned below have all the three elements and they speak about the importance of positioning the wood for the formation of flames that should be under control.

The Teepee

This fire type is considered to be very simple to build. The shape of this campfire is conical and therefore it is reminiscent of the traditional American teepees. For the construction of this campfire, ten pieces of dry wood that are seven to ten inches long are required. Four pieces of wood have to be held vertically within the fire pit and they should be leant in such a way that they are able to stand. Next the entire left out wood needs to be placed in the teepee but the wood should not topple over each other. Fire needs to be lighted and pieces of small wood have to be added whenever required.

Log cabin

Log cabin campfire is very different from the teepee because it requires the use of thick and large logs. Two large logs that measure eight inches have to be taken and arranged in a parallel position in the fire pit. Another two large logs are required to be arranged in a perpendicular position. The entire process is required to be repeated by the use of four extra logs so that a solid square is formed. The firewood is needed to be tossed and then fire needs to be lighted.

Trench fire

People who are interested in using fire for cooking rather than making it warm and large can try making trench fire. In order to make this type of fire two thick enough logs need to be placed in a parallel position and at the same time they are required to be very close to each other. The fire needs to be lighted between the logs which would render a small fire that is too hot.

Star fire

This type of campfire is not very popular but it can turn out to be very interesting if tried out during a camp. In order to build this type of campfire five thick enough logs are required for the creation of five points just like the ones found in a star. The arrangement has to be made in such a way that the logs appear like sunrays and there should be a small vacant area in the center. The fire needs to be lighted at the end of each log and very close to center.

Reflector fire

Reflector fire is a type of campfire that possesses a flat surface at the back so that the heat is directed back out. Large logs of wood are required for building up this kind of fire and the logs also have to be large in number.

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