Light Weight Camping Tents for Hikers

Light Weight Camping Tents for Hikers

Lightweight camping tents are perfect for hikers, mountaineers and those looking to carry a tent in their backpack. The ultra lightweight tents are available in 1 to 4 berth size, they are quick and easy to erect, waterproof and have their own groundsheet. For those who are newer to camping, research is the key in purchasing the best tent and accessories that you require. For this, you can turn to friends that you know about camping and can give you some good advice. The Internet is also full of pertinent information that can be very helpful. When backpacking, space and weight are at a premium so having a lightweight tent really helps, if you’re trying it for the first time give our helpful team a call for advice as to which tent is best.

Types of tent floors

One of the most basic and most important parts of lightweight camping tents is its floor. A good floor will keep out ground water that could seep under your tent. Here are the different types of tent floors:

Bathtub floor – A floor that wraps up along the sides. It is named such because it is wrapped up around 2-4 inches above ground level. This type of floor is made of heavy duty waterproof material.

Nylon floor – This type of floor is not water repellent. Urethane treatment is needed for it to become highly waterproof.

Polyweave floor – Contrary to nylon floors, these floors are highly waterproof but are not advisable in the presence of sharp rocks. The materials of a polyweave floor are the same ones used in covering boats or trailers.

Light and easy to set-up

Many people think that lightweight camping tents are regular tents and there is no need to make a careful selection of them. This is absolutely wrong. If you are seriously looking to make your marriage a special one, you need to pay careful attention when choosing from a wide range of wedding tents for your marriage. The reason why these tents are in huge demand as they provide a cheaper alternative to people rather than making huge investment in wedding halls, banquet room or any other locations.

Things to consider while buying

In order to select the right type of tent, the first thing you need to do is decide the dimensions of the camping tent that you need. Mainly tents are prepared to protect you and your family.

You will find the tents with labels describing their capacity, or for how many campers it is made. There is no need to choose various tents with different capacities. So, think carefully and decide cleverly on the biggest number of campers that you predict camping together with you.

There are some things that go into lightweight camping tents that make them better than others. These are the little features that provide more comfort, proper ventilation among others. Look to see which one suits you before committing to one.

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