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Shrinking Your Packing

When you head out for a camping trip it can sometimes feel like you are hiking about with your entire life on your back, making you more like a snail than an outdoor adventurer. The problem is of course that it is hard to know what to take and what to leave. Once you are out there and camping, if you realise that you have forgotten something then quite often it can simply be too late and you have to make do.

Pack It All

The temptation then of course is to pack everything and the kitchen sink to ensure you’ve got it all and won’t slip up by forgetting that all important can opener. But this isn’t necessarily the best solution. For a start the more you carry, the more weight and pressure there is on your back and knees. Then there’s the simple fact that it will weigh you down, slow you down and potentially make a simple scramble into a total mission.  So what’s the solution?

Weight It Up

There has to be some kind of balance between being prepared for all situations and carrying around an unreasonable amount of weight. The starting point is advanced preparations. Don’t leave your packing to the last minute as then everything gets thrown in and the more important items can easily be forgotten. Start early by writing a list of everything that you think you need. Leave it for a few days and then re-visit the list, are you sure you need everything that is here? See what other campers take with them by checking out internet forums and checklists.


If your camping gear is over ten years old, the likelihood is that it has been replaced by something more time and space efficient. Check out the latest advances in camping equipment at specialist outdoor stores online such as E- Outdoor or on your local high street.  There is also the option to camp in a minimalist style which is basically a posh way of saying you can rough it for a few days instead of taking all the modern camping luxuries. It is not a style of camping that suits everyone but if you think this might suit you then have a look at what it entails first and then initially only committing to a short trip to test the waters and see if it is for you.

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