Tips for Traveling by Bicycle

Amazingly Simple 5 Tips for Traveling by Bicycle

Knowing these tips for travelling by bicycle would help an individual enjoy an adventure bicycle ride while being safe. Bicycling is not just good for physical health, but it also casts a good effect on the mental health of a person. Here are a few points that are helpful when kept in mind.

1. Ensure safety

The most important thing that needs to be ensured in any adventure activity is safety. Same applies to bicycle riding as well. It is important to ensure complete safety as much as practicable. The first thing that the rider cannot afford to forget is a helmet. The helmet should be fitting enough to sit around snugly on the head and be comfortable at the same time. However, the helmet should not obstruct the view or come down the forehead. If the ride is planned for night, it should be fitted with light. Brakes and clutches should be checked properly.

2. Appropriate clothes for the ride

Travelling by bicycle also requires following the correct dress code. It is better to know the weather forecast before starting, especially when the itinerary covers a long distance full of open areas. It is better to put on a water resistant jacket or carry it in case the weather turns harsh or starts pouring. Knowing the weather forecast can help the rider pack clothes accordingly. If the temperature is high and weather is warm, light tops and bicycling jerseys are good.

3. Pack in water and snacks

Riding a bicycle is an exhaustive exercise. It consumes a good amount of energy and burns down hundreds of calories. Travelling by bicycle continually through a long stretch would cause the rider to feel drained and lethargic. With the fatigue the motivation also seems to fly out. To keep this feeling at bay the bicycle rider can pack in healthy snacks and energy drinks. Fruits are energy giving foods and can be packed as well. People often become prone to get dehydrated when riding bicycle for a long period. Water and energy drinks should be packed in plenty to keep the body hydrated.

4. Know making small repairs

A regular bicycle rider would know the situations when tires run out of air. This is much common problem in the hilly or mountainous terrains. A bicycle rider should know how to replace tires. Apart from that, the rider should also know how to make adjustments and repairs if the brakes are out of order. It is better to carry pliers and screw drivers.

5. Carry enough money, cell phone and id

There are chances of getting separated from the group or moving into the wrong direction when riding alone. In such circumstances the group can be contacted by cell phones. Also, the Smartphones are smart enough to offer access to internet and maps.

Following these instructions and tips when travelling by bicycle would help the rider to enjoy the experience and be safe at the same time.

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