Deciding on the Perfect Camping Activities List

A camping activities list helps people who go on camping to find out and prepare for exactly what they will be doing at the camp.

When you are deciding to go on a camping trip either with your family or friends, the major task lies in arriving at the camping activities list.It is essential that you start writing a list containing all the essential things that would be required by you during the camping trip. There are usually some of the items that would be very helpful and without which we might be in deep trouble. Some of the items that are very needful might range from a roll of tissue paper, a box of matches to tents for camps.

Camping Activities list

Essential medicines and other essentials in camping activities list

Before listing out the various items regarding staying and sleeping, it is essential that you write down those things that are related to health and basic necessities. Start from the basic medicinal supplies such as antiseptic cream or lotions, band aids, cotton pads, antibiotics, sterile gauge, ointments, aspirin, stretch wrap, roll of bandages, scissors, tweezers, wipes and other prescribed regular medication you are taking. Then proceed to note down in the list some of the essentials such as soaps, tooth brushes, tooth paste, shaving kits, toilet tissues, nail cutter, cotton swabs, sanitary napkins, diapers for your baby and towels.

Also while undertaking a camping trip in the woods and dense forests, always makes sure you and your family stays protected throughout the trip as such areas might be infested with insects and bugs. Try to include many items in the camping activities list such as bug spray, anti-repellent creams and lotions, insecticides or anti fungal drugs, anti venom medicines and anti venom injections. Also include flash light, mobile chargers, duct tapes, pens, pencils, rope, cloth pegs, mobile phone, cigarette lighter, charger lamps, and a box of matches, magnifiers, oil cans, and fuel, gas and hand fans.

Shelter and cooking items in camping activities list

Making a camping activities list of necessary items such as camping tents, sleeping bags, inflatable pillows, sleeping mats, air beds, blankets, bed sheets and head rests. Make sure you have a stock of these that are waterproof and wind proof to safeguard your selves from any natural damages. To have a healthy and hygienic food, it is necessary to prepare your own food while you are camping. Also cooking outdoors and making some great smelling and mouth watering food will also add up to the camping fun. So include all the spices and other ingredients that are essential to stir up a delicious platter.

Try to include only whatever utensils that would be required to prepare food after deciding for how many people you might be cooking. Include plates, forks, sauce pans, plates, mugs, bowls, stove, frying pans and spoons. Also include spare towels, canned food, hot boxes, cool boxes, packed foods in your camping activities list.

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