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Camping and Hiking in Treacherous Spots of the World

If you’re a seasoned hiker, it’s likely you love a challenge. The harder the trail, the greater the reward at its end; whether it’s a mountain-top panorama, the sight of the ocean, or just a tremendous sense of achievement. But when you’ve made the resolution to tackle a truly epic journey, you’ll need the right equipment, a sense of perspective, and the know-how to survive in the wilderness. Here are some of the world’s most difficult hikes, and the equipment you’ll need to survive them.

The Incan Trail, Peru

Hiking the 13,600 foot trail of Macchu Picchu is no mean feat, on a trajectory that is persistently, punishingly, uphill. The attraction of it, however, is self-evident, with the scenery providing the fuel to push on up the mountainside, and the enigmatic history that enshrouds the Andes unveiling itself with every step. Truly hardcore adventurers will push beyond this summit for Huayna Picchu, a crumbling stair also known as the ‘Hike of Death.’

What to take

You’ll need a superior pair of hiking shoes that can handle the rough granite. Since it’s a four night trek, and at least one night will be spent outdoors, so invest in a sleeping bag that can handle cooler temperatures. A walking stick will help you keep your feet on rockier sections.

El Caminito del Rey, Spain

This highly hazardous terrain was just reopened in September 2014, and should only be attempted by those that have nerves of steel and the reflexes of a cat. Steel beams must be traversed with the balance of a tightrope walker, holes punch through the rock and large sections of the path are missing entirely.

What to take

A harness and rope to clip in to the questionable safety line which runs around the cliff face.

Mt Huashan, China

This heart-jamming peak in Shaanxi Province reaches an altitude of over 7,000 feet, and is one of China’s five sacred mountains. Steep ladders, winding stairs and unsteady planks tacked onto the side of the mountain are what make this renowned as the world’s deadliest hike.

What to take

The cable car! The Mount Huashan walk in China is widely known as one of the most dangerous hikes in the world.Taking that cable car is much safer is much safer than attempting it on foot, and you’ll still be able to enjoy those views.

Image by tak.wing, used under the Creative Commons license.

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