Sardine Run

Experience the Thrill at Best Ice Diving Spots in the World

The best ice diving spots in the world invite you to go through the most thrilling and adventurous experiences. Zipping on the dry suits and diving in the deep waters is an enlivening experience and becomes all the more adventurous and wild when the waters you dive in are ice cold.

Kronprinz Wilhelm

Kronprinz Wilhelm at Scapa Flow in Scotland is a place that would cause the chill to run down your spine. Diving in the remote location is one of the choicest activities of the divers visiting the place. The Kronprinz Wilhelm is a six hundred feet long German battleship that has been resting over the years in Scapa Flow of Scotland.

Sardine Run

African pilchards fill the cool water off Kwazulu Natal in South Africa in the months of June and July. There are shoals of baitfish stretching through miles while the divers can watch the copper sharks baring their teeth, the whales who gulp down unfathomed mouthfuls, sea birds emerging out of the water and flying high up, and hundreds of dolphins.

The Pinnacles

This is another site for ice diving and has been one of the most interesting and best ice diving spots. It is a prototypal diving area. There are two spires that go 100 feet below and are flanked by the thick kelp forests. The anemones form a multi-coloured carpet covering the rocks and create orange, purple, and brilliant red patches. On the other hand, the deep waters make pelagic a possibility.

Wolf Island

The Wolf Island and the Darwin Island boast the most thrilling diving in Galapagos. The diver should not be amazed to find ripping currents sweeping past the steep walls. The sharks at Galapagos move about for their prey in Open Ocean as white-tips from the crevices and tops overflow. The divers would also find here the hammerhead sharks.

Antarctic Peninsula

The opening up of the Antarctic Peninsula in the austral summer makes the site one of the best ice diving spots. In fact, some of the divers find cold to be the most challenging aspect of the Antarctic. The divers can dive along the icebergs that are grounded, the walls of the ice floes under the sea, while getting into the water with the leopard seals who hunt the penguins.

Olkhon Island

The divers at the deepest of the freshwater lakes in the world, Lake Baikal at the Olkhon Island in Russia, can explore the natural structures growing from under the sheet of ice and the amazing ice caves. The endemic creatures such as nerpa, which is the largest of the freshwater seals in the world, find shelter here.


This site offers a strangely beautiful underwater landscape thrilling the divers while they swim along the icebergs drifting under water. Watching the beautiful sea angels passing the water column is a thrilling experience as well.

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