Freshwater Fishing Tips

Freshwater Fishing Tips to Enjoy a Better Fishing Experience

Most of the freshwater fishing tips would offer the real fun when carried out methodically and patiently. Moreover, fishing in freshwater is a different experience altogether. Day, time, fishing rod, the kind of fish food selected hugely affects the fishing experience. The experience gets better when some of the fishing tips are followed.

Choose the right kind of reel and rod

There are number of brands available for fishing rod, and selection of a kind depends on individual preference. The selection of rod is important. There are different kinds available depending on flex present in the rod. The length of the rod is a big determinant that counts in fishing. The requirement of length varies with the kind and weight of the fish that is to be caught. For fishes less than twelve pounds, medium length rods suffice while for fishes over twelve pounds, longer rods are practicable. Another point that is important is the selection of reels. Reels are available in three types. They are spin caster, spinning, and bait caster. The rods are modified according to the kind of reel used.

Proper fishing line

One of the most important points to be kept in mind while fishing in freshwaters is the line which is to be used for catching the fish. There are a number of different fishing lines that include fluorocarbon, braided, and monofilament. The strongest of the lines is the braided line. The peculiarity of the line is that it is braided which makes it stronger and therefore harder to snap. However, the most popular among the lines is monofilament. These are available in different colours and strengths. The next popular choice is fluorocarbon. The sensitivity, array of strengths, and colours make it a favourable option for many.

Picking the right bait

This is another significant part in fishing. The selection of bait differs with the kind of fish that is being targeted. It would be wrong to consider that all fishes would prefer worms. Other baits include turtles, frogs, and fish. Bass prefers frogs, crawfish, night crawlers, and minnows. Baits are of two types, which include hard baits and soft baits. Hard baits are made up of plastic which takes the shape of a small fish. The soft baits take the shape of crawfish, frogs, worms, grubs, and other creatures.

Time of the day for fishing

One of the crucial freshwater fishing tips is the time of the day. People generally prefer to fish in the early mornings or at the dusk. However, moon plays a crucial role here. The appetite of fish changes with the movement of the moon each night. Most of the people eager to fish follow the lunar calendar to keep track of the best time and the best day for fishing. A fish would have a bigger appetite on a full moon day as compared to a half moon day.

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