How to Start Surf Fishing

Know How to Start Surf Fishing

It is important to know how to start surf fishing before starting with the actual process. Abiding by certain thumb rules makes the experience not just easier but enjoyable as well. Surf fishing can be considered as a kind of sport that is exciting and thrilling. Here are some of the ways to get started with the adventure.

Reels and rods

Surf fishing is a specialized version of the normal activity and it therefore requires special tackling knowledge. Surfing rods, which measure between six and twelve feet in length, can sling six ounces lead weight. Reels that are usually found on such rods are the heavy duty sinning reels.

Knowledge about tides

It is important to learn about tides before starting surf fishing. The tide table should be found out first. These can be found either on the internet or in the newspaper. The local bait store can also be approached for gathering useful information about the same. The tide table should be checked to know when the beach can be visited during low tide. The beach should be visited and the variations can be looked for at the bottom. Spots for changes should be checked out in the forming of bottom. If a rip can be spotted through a sandbar, it should be helpful. These should be the target spots for fishing.

Be ready with our fishing gear

The line should be wound around the reel but the winding should not be too loose. A leader of twelve inches should be made for the hook and should be tied to the line around eighteen inches from end of the line. A snap snivel is to be tied at the end of the line and a pyramid sinker is attached to it. This can also be done in another way. The second method requires attaching the snap snivel to the pyramid sinker and sliding it on the line such that it can freely slide. Another snap snivel is attached to end of the line and a leader is attached to it with a hook on it. The surf rig is prepared.

Baits and lures

Before starting surf fishing it is important to prepare the baits and lures. Baits can be of various kinds such as the bait fish that runs in and under the surf, or cut bait, or sand fleas. Striper anglers generally seek live eels. Once the fish start feeding, the artificial baits can work for schooling fish. The size of bait depends on the size of schooling fish, which generally matches the size of bait fish. Huge plugs, top waters, and spoons work well.

Sinkers and weights

The weights are almost of the same variety while bottom fishing in surf. These consist of a pyramid sinker which can dig at the bottom holding the line straight and stretched out.

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