Camping game ideas for adults

Campfire games don’t only apply to kids. Adults should also be allowed to play games that are made for mature audiences. If you’re planning to go on a camping trip with your good ol’ buddies, you can try playing these games to make your stay in the woods an unforgettable one!

The Witch Hunt

The fact that you’ve decided to do a sleepover in a camp means that you’re the adventurous type. As such, playing a horror game with your buddies shouldn’t be much of a problem, yes?

Make sure to bring a pair of night-vision goggles before heading out to camp. Then, once you and your buddies decide to play this game, choose a friend who will play as the witch. The witch gets to wear the goggles. Everyone else should only be armed with a smartphone.

Let the witch head out first into the woods so he or she can make plans on how to scare everyone. Then, after a few minutes, the rest will venture into the woods. The objective of the game is to search for the witch and photograph him or her. The first one to do so wins. Of course, the witch won’t make it easy for everyone as he or she has every right to scare the living daylights out of the group. Make sure to select a friend who’s great at scaring people.

Note: Make sure not to use your smartphone’s flashlight while searching for the witch. The only time that the smartphone’s flash can be activated is when you’re taking a photo of the witch.

Relaxing Casino Games

Alright, if you’re not into horror games, you can always sit back and relax with your friends while playing poker. Or, if you want something mindless, you can play roulette with your friends while talking about life. You don’t need to bring a bulky set of roulette as there are many smartphone apps out there that you can use for multiplayer. If you’re bored playing the usual American or European Roulette, you can always try the newer Common Draw Roulette that’s usually offered only by online casino providers.

Capture The Flag!

This is like playing the usual Capture The Flag game but with flashlights. Make sure to play in a wide area and divide the entire space into two. Each team must have a flag (a small handkerchief will do) to serve as their flag and every player, a flashlight. Each flag must be hidden somewhere in the team’s respective space. Just make sure that the flag is at least sticking out some part of its body in order to avoid a very long game.

In order to tag opposing players, one must use his or her flashlight and call out their name. Tagged players will be sent to the penalty box where they must stay there for 5 minutes. The first team to capture the opposing team’s flag wins.

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