Anacapa Island

10 Great Wildflower Hikes Across the World

Hiking is one of the most exciting holiday activities. While some people hike for adventure, others do it to find out strange features about the nature. Different species of wildflowers could make hiking experience memorable.

1. Anacapa Island in California

The Anacapa Island provides a spectacular option for a great wildflower hike. It begins with a boat ride through whale waters and Anacapa Island, with a lighthouse of 1932, is just appropriate for such ventures.

2. Arkansas Wildlife Refuge in Texas

More than 25 kilometres long driving tour loop is lined by exotic flowers. Sights of alligators, endangered whooping cranes and mountain lions are incentives for a great wildflower hike. Pink Evening Primroses, Phlox, Texas prickly pear, etc. are not to be missed.

3. Deer Isle in Michigan

Lupine cruises are run by the schooner summertime. 19th June to 21st June is the best time to visit the place due to annual lupine festival that is held in this period.

4. Gros Morne Park in Newfoundland

The Green Gardens Trail displays lush irises. The meadows of Vikings still seem unfazed by anything. Apart from coastal irises, Purple Pitcher Plant, Labrador and blue flag are the popular wildflowers in the region.

5. Homer in Alaska

Alaska is known to be frozen for most of the year. However, colorful wildflowers contrastingly substitute the expanse of land during summer. It is popular for Chocolate lilies and Pink Fireweed and bird sights.

6. Point Reyes in California

Every spring, blooms blanket the entire area, which is already beautiful throughout the year. Moreover, about 20% of all the plant species in California can be found along the 128 kilometre long coastline of Point Reyes Seashore.

7. Portland Island in British Columbia

It has more than 6 kilometre long trail providing one of the best wildflower hike across cliffs, coves and beaches. The island is accessible only by rentable kayaks or private boats from Vancouver Island. Native Sea Blush, chocolate and fawn lilies, etc. on the island are popular.

8.Sea Pines Forest in South Carolina

Visit to the Indian shell ring, which is four thousand years old is must for every tourist. Besides, 6.43 km trail passes under Spanish moss along rice dikes and old logging road.

9. Sleeping Bear Dunes in Michigan

A special wildflower excursion is hosted by Great Lakes Photo Tours in sleeping Bear Dunes in the first weekend of May. Purple beach pea, orange dune lilies, blue harebell, etc. provide enough exoticism for the entire hike.

10. Yellow Island in Washington

It derives its name from the golden blooms that have also made the island the most colourful in San Juan’s. Besides, the island is thriving ground for more than 50 species of flowers such as western buttercups, paintbrush, bluish purple camas, etc.

For every nature lover wildflower hike is among the most recommended adventures to go for. Making these great wildflower hikes a memorable experience are the varied options available across the globe.

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