10 of America’s Best Hiking Cities

Hiking is sometimes confused with trekking but these are different and they can be called a leisure based activity. In hiking people walk around some paths that are laid out in the natural environment. The 10 of America’s best hiking cities are.

1. Salt Lake City

This Hiking City ranks at the top in the list of 10 of America’s best hiking cities. This city attracts huge number of visitors and during a good season will get to see Kayaks, skis, and bikes. One can expect to peak 10,000 foot in just 20 minutes.

2. San Francisco

The climate is great over here and it attracts a huge number of mountain bikers, urban kayakers, sailors, hikers, and climbers. The water in this area is very pure and people will get to see good scenery as well. The Tamalpais State Park that covers 6,300 acres has wildflowers, wild grasslands, redwoods, and chaparral.

3. Portland

There is a Triple Fall present near this area and it makes the hikers enjoy the wooded canyon located above the Columbia River. In Portland there are famous rain forests and it is known to be a paradise for the hikers. The old forests, Columbia Gorge, Coast, high mountains, waterfalls, and quiet lakes provide this area with an amazing collection of Hikes.

4. Las Vegas

This Hiking city is known to be the best for rock climber, hikers, and horseback riders. There is Red Rock Canyon situated just 17 miles away of Las Vegas and it attracts huge numbers of Hikers.

5. Phoenix

There is the South Mountain Park in Phoenix and it spreads over 17,000 acres in this city. Among all the municipal parks this is the largest in the world and has huge amount of veritable wilderness. This area is also famous for the Cholla cacti, cpindly ocotillos, and saguaros that bloom during the spring season.

6. Seattle

This Hiking city is situated near the Cascade and Olympic mountains and is known to be the best outdoor cities. The Hikers need to travel through some old growth in the forests and they get to see good views near Washington’s ultra green landscapes. Mount Si is one of the best landscapes for hiking in this city and a good passage for the hikers.

7. Washington

The great Falls in this national Capital and the park near this area attracts huge number of Hikers. The park covers 800 acres and is half an hour away from Washington.

8. Philadelphia

More than 10 percent of this city is full of parkland and the overgrown gorge provides it with huge amount of opportunities for the Hikers to have fun. There are more than 57 miles of these trails and excellent paths where people get to see more than more than 125 species of different birds.

9. New York

The Bear Mountain in New York along with different state parks provides this city with some amazing Hikes.

10. Austin

The Pedernales State Park, Wolf Mountain Trail and lush forests in this city give the city some of the most beautiful Hikes.

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