Bruce Trail, Ontario

10 of Canada’s Top Hiking Trails to Try

Canada has an area of over 3mn sq. miles, filled with mountains, forests and lakes, which ably suggest plenty of hiking for the enthusiast.  Listed below are the names of 10 of Canada’s top hiking trails.

1. West Coast Trail, B.C.

This one is arguably the country’s most popular trail that takes one through coves, rainforest and beaches. It offers spectacular view of the Pacific, though the quota system only allows a certain number of people to be on this hiking trail during a certain time-period.

2. Killarney Park, Ontario

It was made popular by the country’s Group of Seven, by not only immortalizing the landscape in oil paint but was successful in convincing the local government to mark it as protected land. It offers the Granite Ridge Trail, which gives fascinating views of the Georgian Bay and La Cloche Mountains among many other things.

3. Plain of Six Glaciers Trail

For some moderate hiking experience, this trail offers the perfect resources. One can start with Lake Louise and continue their journey with a number of waterfalls, glaciers, mountains and wildlife on display. The trail is a popular hiking destination for many because it can be completed within a day.

4. Cape Breton National Highlands Park

Securing a place among the list of Canada’s top hiking trails, this place allows the hikers to explore quite intimately its northern part by either taking a stroll or a more challenging hike, with both offering some stunning oceanic and canyon views.

5. Sunshine to Mt. Assiniboine

Widely considered by experts to offer the best multi-day experience in the Rockies, it offers scenic mountains, lakes, alpine meadows and a great wildlife among its vast offerings.

6. Bruce Trail, Ontario

Situated in the midst of the most populated part of Canada, it takes almost 30 days to cover the whole region. Wildlife, waterfalls and woodlands are in abundance here. It surely can find its entry to any of Canada’s top hiking trails list.

7. Fundy Trail

Bay of Fundy creates one of the world’s highest tides by filling and emptying billion tons of water, twice daily. This action is responsible for creating a landscape of dramatic sea stacks and steep cliffs, along with fossils and aquatic life to provide the visitors with some once-in-a-lifetime experience.

8. East Coast Trail

It takes one along the Atlantic’s edge, with sea stacks, past fjords, craggy rock face and crashing waves in full display. The entire experience will be an un-fulfilled one if they fail to visit the local communities here.

9. Gaspesié National Park, Quebec

With St. Lawrence River for company, this region boasts one of the best striking hiking experiences in the world. Even in summer, one should be prepared to face the snow because of the high altitude of the location.

10. Canol Heritage Trail

It is a remote trail with no developed facilities and campsites, this trail is recommended for the strong and experienced hikers.

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