St. Anthony Falls

Best Family Hiking Trails in Minnesota

There are a number of hiking trails in Minnesota that can be included in the list of the best family hiking trails in Minnesota. Minnesota is a place better known or hiking and canoeing. It is a place with an abundance of forests and parks that can be used for having a full-fledged hiking experience. There are some exclusive hiking trails in Minnesota which should definitely not be missed especially by the people who are very enthusiastic about hiking. The only thing that you need to take care of when going for a hiking expedition in Minnesota is to bring water proof boots as most of the trails are a bit swampy.

Fertile Sand Hills Recreation and Agassiz Environmental Learning Center

This hiking trail in Minnesota is spread over an area of 640 acres and it is open for the public all round the year. This place features miles of recreational and scenic trails which allow the visitors to have the best of the natural wonders of this quiet and private region. You also get the options of enjoying primitive camping. The place renders spectacular views of rolling landscapes which will definitely get you soaked into the wonders of nature and time. Here you will get the opportunity of enjoying cross-country skiing trails, van tours and snow shoeing.

Minnesota River Bottoms West

Hiking trails and sites at Bloomington Ferry Bridge are enormously breathtaking, wonderful and detailed. Minnesota River Bottoms West is one of the most popular hiking trails in Minnesota providing the visitors with great scopes of enjoying the scenic beauty of the place along with some great hiking experiences.

St. Anthony Falls

This is a very scenic hiking trail in Minnesota with one of the most stunning sights that people might not have seen in their entire lifetime. You will be able to get the sight of the wonderful waterfalls and delve into the history of this place while enjoying a hiking experience at this scenic and wonderful trail. Water flows gracefully over St. Anthony Falls which makes it look absolutely educational, soothing, gorgeous and spectacular. This is a place where you will always like to go time and again.

Afton State Park

Afton State Park is a wonderful sight that can serve in the form of a hiking trail all throughout the year. It is a place featuring lengthy trail walks through rough outdoor terrains. Shrubs and trees at this hiking trail are in different colors and they render a spectacular view. The best time to visit this place in Minnesota is during fall when you will be able to get the sight of the most vibrant and beautiful foliage in the area.

Superior Hiking Trail

This is the little known riches of Minnesota which covers 224 miles of spectacularly scenic and rugged terrain. This trail lies parallel to the North Shore of Lake Superior connecting private and public lands through a hand-built narrow footpath starting from Knife River and extending up to Canadian Border. This is one of the most popular among the best family hiking trails in Minnesota.

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