A Hunting Expedition Could Be Your Next Great Adventure

No matter what hunting method you prefer, an expedition is an excellent way to cover new ground, experience the beauty of different landscapes, and bring home a trophy you typically would not set your sights on. The game is the main factor in what kind of gun you will take with you, but do not forget to figure in the terrain, and how it will affect the kind of shots you will take. Practice thoroughly with the gun you are carrying, and make sure you are well prepared before heading out.


In Preparation for Your Hunting Expedition

First things first, make sure you check the hunting regulations in the area you are hunting; laws vary by location. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has a list of the State, Territorial, and Tribal, Fish and Wildlife Offices in each state.

Once you have the preliminaries out of the way, it is time to choose your weapon. The gun used needs to match the hunt; the open prairie will call for a long range rifle, and you will want something more portable in a mountainous region. You should practice extensively with the gun you will be taking, just shooting it enough to have it sighted is not sufficient; practice, practice, practice.

Guns and Info for Big Game Hunting

A hunting expedition to Alaska could add a moose to your trophies. To take down a moose, you must have a gun with the penetration power to either break rib bones or the massive shoulder bone, to get to the vital organs. You could be shooting at ranges of 300 feet; a good telescopic scope will be a necessity for accuracy. Some excellent guns to bring down a moose are the Remington 700 CDL and the Winchester Super X Rifle.

Lightweight, large caliber, and accurate at long distances are the essential attributes of a good elk hunting gun. You will have to travel deep into the wild, and lugging around a heavy gun will tire you out and make for a long day. At 800-pounds, an elk is not a small animal; a large caliber weapon is needed to knock it down. Moreover, you never know how far you may need to shoot at your prize bull, so long distance accuracy is a must. The Browning BLR Lightweight ’81 and the Marlin Model 338 MXLR are two examples of guns that are suitable for elk hunting.

Accessorizing your weapon for the hunt is an important aspect to consider. A long range rifle without a proper scope is not very useful at extreme distances, and a shotgun shell holder can make reloading easier. You can find scope mounts, tripods, and other accessories at online sites such as MountsPlus.


Great Guns, But not for Big Game

Guns initially designed for combat do not translate well to hunting. An AR-15 is a great gun for target practice and smaller game, but is not very good for hunting the larger game that are the target of a hunting expedition. That being said, it sure is fun to shoot one out on the open range.

Since it is important to be able to bring down the animal quickly and humanely, avoid .22 caliber rifles, as they are too underpowered for taking down big game.

With the right gun in hand, an experienced guide, and new territory to explore, a hunting expedition can be your next great adventure. Do your research before you start your trip to get the most out of the gun and the journey.

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