Bow hunting

Different Types of Traditional Hunting Methods

In the early ages, hunting was the only option left to man to find food, but with evolution and development, traditional hunting methods are now used only by the few tribesmen and Bushmen available in few parts of the world.

Bow hunting

Bow hunting has been popular since ages and definitely requires a certain amount of skill to hit the target perfectly. However, the major benefit of bow hunting is that, it helps the hunter to get quite a few animals as others do not get scatted and spooked when the arrow is fired. Hunters specializing in bow usually carry extra arrowheads and arrows along with extra bowstrings and hunting knife. Accuracy and aim are the crucial aspects of bow hunting as arrows are not that powerful as bullets.

Hides and blinds

Use of hides, lodges, blinds and other hiding spots helps hunters with successful hunts without the need to be patient for long periods of time. Hides and blinds are generally set up in areas where specific games are quite common. The hunter usually stays in some hiding spot near the place where hides and blinds are set up. Storing the hunting gear isn’t at all a problem as plenty of space is available. However, such hunting methods require longer time for set ups and appearance of the game is not guaranteed.

Use of decoys

When it comes to hunting gear, decoys are hunting gear pieces are not meant for everybody. It is generally used to hunt waterfowls, but large game decoys are also available for hunting elk and deer. These hunting gears are used along with calls or scents so as to attract the game and usually placed in a place where the hunters can view it clearly. Decoys certainly increase the chance of getting a successful hunt, but skill level required for successful hunt is reduced to a great extent.

Rifle hunting

Rifle hunting is an extremely common hunting method practiced throughout different parts of the world. Rifle hunting usually requires minimal hunting gear which includes rifle, ammunition, appropriate attire, hunting knife and hiking or camping gear. Ability to handle rifle, patience and aim are the keys when it comes to rifle hunting. Rifles can be used for hunting nearly all types of games like bear, elk, deer and more.


There are plenty of hunters who track the games without waiting for them to show up. This type of hunting requires the skills to identify signs and tracks left by animals. The hunting gear for track hunters usually involves lightweight and sparse items so that they can be carried to different places while tracking a specific game. Skilled trackers guarantee contacts with games most of the time as they are well aware of the techniques involved in tracking the games.

The traditional hunting methods unlike, the present day hunting techniques requires a great amount of patience, skill and willingness on the part of the hunter to successfully hunt down the desired game.

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