Dog sledging

The 10 Best Snow Adventures for Winter 2013 to Consider

People have a tendency to hide themselves during winter and stop some of their activities. Instead of hiding they should try out some of the following activities that will make winters very enjoyable. Here one can find the 10 best snow adventures for winter 2013.

1. Dog sledging

Dog sledging always comes at the top when one talks about winter adventures. One of the best places for dog sledging is Seward in Alaska. Huge numbers of people crowd up near the 16 mile drive along Resurrection river valley to Exit Glacier.

Dog sledging

2. Olympic Sports

Olympic sports held near Lake Placid are known to be the winter hotspot as huge number of snow lovers crowd the place. This place draws huge numbers of sportsperson and people can see many well-known sports personalities practicing in the special winter courses. There are international standard trails over here and most of the visitors come here for skiing.

Lake Placid snow

3. Igloo Building

This is an adventure sport organized by the West coast adventures. The sports are held under the expert guidance of professionals and it is done in an Inuit style of camping. People get to learn how to collect ice blocks and cut them and assemble them.

4. Waterfall Climbing

This ranks well at the top when it comes to the best snow adventures for winter 2013. People who love snow will surely love this adventure sport where one needs to climb the snow that gets collected during minus temperatures. It is famous in the Colorado region where the Mountains of Colorado freeze and people climb those using gear like axes, crampons, harnesses and instructions. It is done with the guidance of experts.

5. Hut Touring

This activity is famous in Chic-Choc Mountains and McGerrigle in Quebec. The special activities over here like Hut touring give the people a feel of the adventure. Skiing and Snow shoeing are some of the best activities that happen here.


6. Snowboarding

This is the next best sports activity after skiing. It surely ranks at the top in the list of best snow adventures for winter 2013 and is known to be a very good recreational activity. The terrain paths, giant foam pits, and snow flex provide the best experience along the snow.

7. Snowkiting

This activity is famous near the Lake Champlain located in Vermont. There are wide snow covered areas and they help in harnessing chilly winds that provide a unique experience of snowkiting.

8. Wild Skating

Ice skating has become common and now it’s time for Wild skating. Wild skating is known to be very adventurous and it is fun to skate around the frozen water bodies. People go for this adventurous activity in the smooth and slick ice surface.

Wild Skating

9. Snow Shoeing

This snow activity is loved by people of all ages. It is famous around the Lake Tahoe region and there are many ski resorts that provide the unique experience of Snow shoeing around powdery snow.

10. Ice Fishing

This activity is the best to enjoy in the winters of 2013 to the fullest. It includes fishing and there are various fishing championships held in places like Rhinelander.

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