Great Victorian Bike Ride 2014

Various Traits of the Great Victorian Bike Ride 2014

The great Victorian bike ride 2014 would be covering the areas from Mount Gambier to Geelong through Torquay, east Geelong, ocean Grove and Barwon Heads. This is the 30th year of the ride that offers people with something that is really special and memorable and that is a journey all along the Great Ocean Road that is considered to be one of the most iconic coastal routes in the world.

This is the first time that the ride will be starting in the southern part of Australia and will be taking its start from Mount Gambier, through the Shipwreck Coast, snaking around Great Ocean Road and then moving towards the Otway hills and will cover approximately 610 kilometers. Here are the major traits of the ride.


It is very important to keep in mind that the great Victorian bike ride is a form of camping where the riders are required to settle themselves up in their tents on each day of the campsite. In order to make the ride one of the most memorable parts of their life, the campers or riders have to make sure that their camping equipment is in good condition and is appropriate for their ride. It will always be a good idea to use dome tents on the ride because such tents are very easy and quick to take down and even put up but it is also important to choose one that suits the requirements and the preferences of riders.


There are certain rules that are required to be followed strictly throughout the ride because these rules are meant for the respect and the well being of the fellow riders. Packing the bags and setting up the tent plays a very important role in this respect. The great Victorian bike ride is pretty difficult because it requires the riders to cover seventy kilometers on an average every day and it is only because of this reason that it is recommended not to carry a luggage that weighs more than twenty kilograms.

Things that should be carried

There are no strict rules about what should be brought and what should not be on the great ride but there are certain important guidelines that are required to be followed. Riders can carry a tent that accommodates two people, a sleeping mat, sleeping bag, camping clothes, pillow, rubber mallet, torch, cutlery, bowl, plate, traveler mug, towel and toiletries. The luggage should be carried in a bag that is quite sturdy and should also be sealed properly.

Preparation and training

Proper preparation and training is very important for the great Victorian ride because it is a ride that would last for nine days and would only consist of riding and camping. Riders need to be physically prepared for the challenges they have to face while on the ride and at the same time for enjoying the sounds, sights and experiences during the ride.


Diet plays a very important role for the riders who intend to be a part of the great Victorian bike ride 2014 because intensive training requires energy that would be generated in the body through the right food taken at right time. Riders should try taking unprocessed food during the ride and they should also focus on the consumption of healthy meals and veggies.

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