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The Most Common Items That Campers Forget to Pack

Camping can be a fun experience for the entire family. But when you forget something important at home, the experience can be made uncomfortable and less enjoyable. To ensure that you always pack exactly what you need, it’s recommended that you make a list of necessary things to pack and keep that list in a location where you can find it whenever you’re headed off on your next camping excursion.

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The most common items that campers forget to pack are listed below. Have you ever left any of these items behind by accident?


It’s easy to forget batteries when you pack up your battery-powered belongings, especially if you think that they have enough power to last through your entire camping trip. But it’s always a good idea to pack extra batteries, just in case, especially since it’s so hard to keep track of how much power your batteries actually have left. Make sure you bring enough spare batteries for everything from lanterns and flash lights, to radios and other battery-powered items.

Wet Wipes

When you don’t have easy access to water and soap, wet wipes are the next best thing. And disinfecting wipes are even better because they’ll kill germs and bacteria that can spread illness. So take along a pack or two or wet wipes to keep your hands clean before and after you eat, for wiping down your tent and other camping equipment when necessary, and for cleaning up any other messes.

Duct Tape

You can use duct tape in a variety of ways while you camp. For example, if your tent tears, you can quickly fix it with some handy duct tape. You can also use the tape to secure any tablecloths you’re using if the wind picks up, and you can also use it to seal up your containers of food to prevent leaks. So don’t forget to pack a handy roll of duct tape before you head off.

A Hammer and a Hatchet

A hammer is a great tool to have because you can use it for everything from making quit repairs, to securing your tent to the ground. A hatchet can be used to chop wood whenever necessary, as long as this is permitted by the grounds, of course. Both of these tools can come in surprisingly handy, so go ahead and pack them to be sure you have them when you need them.

Trash Bags

Finally, large and durable trash bags are great to have for cleaning up after yourself and properly disposing of garbage and recyclables. You can also use a large trash bag to store all of your dirty clothes. Bring more than you think you’ll need, just to be sure that you have enough to last your whole trip.

It’s easy to forget to pack necessary items whenever you leave for a holiday or camping trip. Keeping this list handy will hopefully help you remember all of the little things you need to take on your camping trip, in addition to your sleeping bags and tents, of course.

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