Camping Survival Kit

What to Include in Your Mini Camping Survival Kit – The 10 Most Essential Survival Items

Camping either with your family or friends can be an exciting and an adventurous past time. Think of camping and one can think of various places for a camp site. While there are quite a lot of preparations which has to be done before one starts for the camp site, it is also important to carry a few needed and important things as a part of your luggage. A mini camping survival kit is a must when you are out camping. You can skip this if you’re camping in your back yard, but the camp site is away from your house, do carry a survival kit.

There are a number of questions when we talk about the camping survival kit. Not many are aware as to what has to be included in the kit. Let us know have a look at some of the basic things which need to be a part of the camping survival kit.


Always carry a map whenever you are out camping. One can always prefer a USGS topographical map which has enough details which are needed like the natural as well as the man made landmarks.


A map without a compass is of no use. Use a compass which has a straight edge as it is good for plotting bearings. With a compass and a map it gets easy to know the present location and one can also find the routes quite easily.

Flashlight and sunglasses

One can opt of for a Mini Mag-Lite or at times a head lamp as these are more powerful. You can make you choice based on your camping plan. If hiking is a part of your camping, then do carry a pair of sunglasses.

Extra food and water

Deepening on the length of your trip, do carry excess food and water as the body tends to get dehydrated very quick   and when the body needs more water, it needs it! Also carry some water purification tablets as they would help to purify the river water in case of need.

Extra clothing

This entirely depends on the conditions in which you would be camping. Always make sure to carry a Mylar blanket and a poncho.

Lighter or weather proof matchbox

One does not need waterproof matches here, but a regular box of matchsticks in a water proof container will be of good help. Disposable lighters can also be included instead of matchsticks.

Fire starters

These are needed in cases when the camp site is in the woods or in the wild. These are helpful in making fire in less than ideal conditions.

Pocket knife

This is one of the most important items which will be of help for cooking, food preparation, first aid and many more.

First aid kit

Always carry a first aid kit with has band aids and gauze pads. Also carry some medicines like Aspirin, insect repellent, Benadryl, calamine lotion, surgical scrub and any other medications which might be needed.

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