10 Best Camping Destinations for 2013

Camping is regarded as an activity that can help people get much closer to the Mother Nature. Every year there are newer places which gets added to the camping destinations across the globe. Similarly the best camping destinations for 2013 has lots of things to be explored by the ardent camper.

1. Antarctica

There was a time when this region was frequented by researchers and penguins only. But now-a-days intrepid campers are following on their footsteps and are gazing upon the quite solitude and untouched splendour of Antarctica. Based in the Southern Ellsworth Mountains, the Union Glacier Camp of Adventure Network International warmly invites travellers during the period between November and January, which are the summer months of Antarctica. Their comfortable tents are heated naturally by the sunlight. Campers can enjoy cross country skiing, exploring and ice climbing.

2. Fuego, Guatemala

Last volcano eruption in this region occurred in May last year, when an explosive mix of ash, rock and searing hot lava propelled violently into the air. Such once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is provided by O.X. Outdoor Excursions, where one can enjoy sleeping on the slope of an active volcano. One can also check out Acatenango, its dormant neighbour, which offers breath-taking views of all the action next door.

3. Northern Lights, Northwest Territories

Here one can enjoy an amazing light show of nature. Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures will ensure in making the stay worthwhile supplying the charter flights, food, maps and tents. One only needs to pack their sleeping bag with guts and the pioneer spirit to rough up the untouched north of Canada.

4. Waldseilgarten, Germany

The adventure camps here provide camping experiences like no other. The private hanging tent dangling from a single rope tied to a tree branch is large enough in creating a comfortable mid-air cocoon.

5. Outback, Australia

This region is famous all over for its creepy crawlies and is home to a large number of poisonous critters, but these should not deter one from exploring it.

6. Sri Lankan Rainforest

Kitulgala Adventures makes sure that the campers dive straight into the unspoiled rainforest’s heart. Activities include waterfall abseiling, white water rafting, bird watching and walking trails.

7. Spiti Valley, India

An ideal place to camp in summer, this valley is one of the most favoured camping spots in India. The best time-period to visit this place is the summer months of May and June.

8. South Arica’s Elephant Camps

Pafuri camping getaway takes one straight to the local wildlife. Situated in South Africa’s Kruger National Park, here one can fall asleep in the midst of roaming African animals.

9. Big Sur, California

This is a perfect place if one is planning to rally around the campfire for hot dogs and roasted marshmallows, with a spine-chilling ghost story to give company. The crystal clear rivers and the beautiful forest may seem harmless during daytime, but at night, they tell a different story all together.

10. Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India

Considered to be a trekker’s paradise, it gives one the feeling of waking up with the sun and making a silhouette against the dunes is something one should behold and cherish in their life time. Untouched by modernization, camel safaris are the major mode of transportation here.

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