Button Bay State Park, Addison

10 Great Places to Camp in New England

New England possesses some very beautiful sceneries in the United States. This is a place that grants its visitors the chance to get into close contact with nature. The 10 great places to camp in New England are discussed here.

1. Lake Waramaug State Park, Connecticut

There are people who believe that Connecticut beauty lies in its river and the Long Island Sound but Connecticut also possesses Lake Waramaug which is also wonderful. This lake is set amidst rounded and small peaks and is a cherished campground within the state.

2. Charlestown Breachway, Rhode Island

This campsite is a gem because it possesses a long strip of land not covered with beach. The main attraction of Charlestown is Ninigret which is the largest pond in the state and visitors can enjoy swimming at this pond.

3. Mount Greylock State Reservation, Adams

This is a campsite that offers the scenic view of the rocky cliffs of Greylock. The wedge that is V-shaped is mesmerizing because it is formed of trees that have grown between peaks and is called The Hopper.

4. Nickerson State Park, Brewster

This state park is located very close to Cape Cod and offers 420 spacious camping sites to its visitors. This park is in great demand during the summer months when most of the people like to enjoy camping at this site. This campsite also offers biking and hiking trails to its visitors.

5. Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area

Georges Island is the main attraction of Boston Harbor Islands which is a ferry ride of 45 minutes from Long Wharf. Georges island served as a home to Fort Warren in 1833 and was used for training during the Civil War.

6. Button Bay State Park, Addison

This state park possesses pastoral scenery including lounging cows, stacked hay, corn rows, tall silos and Green Mountains. Lake Champlain and Adirondack Mountains are also found on the left of the state park.

7. Lafayette Campground, Franconia Notch State Park

This park consists of 97 campsites that are quite spacious and are set amidst woods and serves as the perfect place for outdoor activity. Nearby the park is the Echo Lake that can be used for swimming, biking can be experienced on the cannon Mountain trails and even hiking can be experienced at this park.

8. Hermit Island Campground, Maine

This is one campsite with ocean view. There are 275 campsites on Hermit island that overlook the Casco Bay waters. The island is actually a peninsula spread over 255 acres and it generally consists of sites that possess sandy beaches, rocky cliffs, tidal pools and forests.

9. Blackwoods Campground

The Blackwoods Campground is situated on the eastern side of Mount Desert Island and the location of the campground is considered to be perfect for the visitors.

10. Seawall Campground

Seawall Campground is located at the Acadia National park and it lies in similarity with the Blackwoods Campground. It is on the western side of the park and consists of 214 campsites that are covered with woods and shorelines. These are the 10 great places to camp in New England and they are worth visiting on a camp in New England.

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