Hvar & Korcula Islands in Croatia

10 Ideal Family Camping Destinations Close To Nature

Camping with family is the best to way to get away from the sophisticated urban lifestyle and indulge in living over the ground under the sky. So, here are 10 ideal family camping destinations that people can choose according to their preference.

1. Bornholm in Denmark

It is a small island of Denmark with beautiful sand dunes and beaches. There are numerous campsites into the forest area as well as along the beaches. The island also offers picturesque views.

2. Corsica in France & Sardinia in Italy

Situated in the Mediterranean Sea, Corsica and Sardinia are ferry-ride apart from each other. Amazing campsites, majestic mountains, Mediterranean beaches and delicious local cuisine put both of them onto the list of 10 ideal family camping destinations.

3. Cortez Coastline in Mexico

Due to the diversity in landscapes, Mexico is always the country for family camping. The Sea of Cortez’s Coastline is very popular for camping because of its calm water and several fishing villages along the coast. Whale-sight is not rare as the mighty creatures pass through the water.

4. Hvar & Korcula Islands in Croatia

The best part about Hvar & Korcula islands is that they are never too crowded to find suitable campsite along the beautiful coastline. Calm clear water is perfect for swimming and the sandy beaches for tanning.

5. Kruger National Park in South Africa

Camping, hiking and wildlife observation is all coupled with numerous educative and fun activities in the Kruger National Park. The scenery is unrealistic and enjoyable by family members of any age.

6. South Island in New Zealand

The entire country of New Zealand is ideal for holidays. However, South Island is very popular for family campsites. Glaciers, lakes, rivers and sweet sound of singing Kiwis make camping and hiking on the island a memorable experience.

7. The Cyclades in Greece

220 islands constitute the stunning archipelago called The Cyclades on the Aegean Sea. Several of the islands are uninhabited, which is just another reason that makes them one of the 10 ideal family camping destinations in the world.

8. The Sunshine Coast in Australia

The south-eastern part of Queensland has dense subtropical rainforests and tremendous sandy beaches that form parts of the Sunshine coast. Apart from it, the Australian Outback also features amazing landscapes and distinct wildlife.

9. Vancouver Island in Canada

Sighting eagles and Orca Whales apart from fishing fresh salmon are the major attractions for campers who head towards Vancouver Island. It is situated in the Pacific Ocean off the western coast of Canada.

10. Yellowstone National Park in the USA

Secured in 1872, Yellowstone is the first National Park in the World. It spans over more than 8,903 kilometre² in area across Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. With geysers, hot springs and diverse wildlife, Yellow Stone National Park has everything to be among 10 ideal family camping destinations in the world.

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