Crater Lake, Oregon

5 Great Freshwater Fishing Lakes to Visit in US

No matter what kind of freshwater fish one is looking to catch, at least one lake in US is sheltering them. For millions, sport fishing has turned into a national pastime and these great freshwater fishing lakes to visit simply ensure that one has a jolly good time visiting each one of them.

1. Lake Vermilion, Minnesota

Lake Vermilion, like other Northern lakes, has its own share of walleye and pike. But the thing that makes this lake unique is the tendency of muskie in the waters. Fishermen call it “fish of ten thousand casts”, with muskie fishing being considered by many to be the definitive freshwater challenge. Moreover, simply, there is no other place in the world to try one’s hand in muskie fishing than in the chilly waters of Lake Vermilion.

2. Lake Okeechobee, Florida

Only one word can describe this lake perfectly and that is ‘BIG’. Local residents call it the “Big O” as its surface area is more than 730 square miles. The abundant supply of Largemouth Bass is what separates this lake from the other great freshwater fishing lakes to visit. These congregate in the numerous hydrilla patches of the lake. Record smashing largemouth is pulled often, with the favourable weather of the place playing a big part to assure that fishing takes place throughout the year.

3. Lake Grenada, Mississippi

This was built by damming up River Yalobusha. Designed previously to control flood water, of late it has proven to be amongst the country’s topmost crappie fishing lakes and of the many great freshwater fishing lakes in US. It features a monster crappie-containing shoreline. These crappies may not be “palm-sized” big, but can weigh anything between 2-3 pounds.

4. Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri

Missourians call it “The Lake” this is a top-notch fishing lake featuring multiple species. Created by damming Osage River, this man-made reservoir is a real draw for fishermen because of its monster catfish. At the lake’s head near the dam, the deep water region is known for sheltering huge Blue Catfish. Rumour is that local divers have seen catfish as “massive as Volkswagens”.

5. Crater Lake, Oregon

Amongst all of North America’s fishing lakes, this lake here is simply a true oddity. Unlike the other great freshwater fishing lakes to visit mentioned above, this lake got formed by the rainwater that got collected in the crater of a huge volcano. The surface area of this lake is more than 30 miles and because there are no rivers or inlets flowing into it, the lake water here is amongst the clearest one can come across. On an average, anglers can easily see down below up to 115ft. Among other various species, Rainbow Trout and Sockeye Salmon are found here in vast quantity. Because of this, sight fishing and fly fishing are well known recreational styles here.

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