Yosemite National Park

6 Best National Parks of the Southwest

The ideal way to explore and discover the hidden beauty and charm of the best national parks in the southwest is through a road trip. The itinerary needs to be planned accordingly so as to enjoy the destinations to the fullest.

1. Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon is regarded as an amazing natural wonder of the world with its enormous canyons which can stretch to nearly eighteen miles wide. During the summers, North and South Rim remain open for visitors. Travellers can enjoy different types of activities like Mule trips, hiking, scenic drives as well as rafting trips.

2. Saguaro National Park

This park is solely dedicated towards preservation of stunning Saguaro cactus. This towering and amazing cactus grows within specific regions of the world. Apart from witnessing the wonderful Saguaros, travellers can get indulged in different recreations and guided programs within the national park. The place is highly known for wilderness hiking which attracts adventurers from different corners of the globe.

3. Mesa Verde National Park

This is another one of the best southwest national parks which offers ideals locations for hiking as well as enjoying stunning archaeological sites. The Park celebrates history of Pueblo people in south-western United States. The area is full of archaeological sites including six hundred cliff dwellings. Some well-known cliff dwellings include Long House, Balcony House and Cliff Palace for which the travellers need to purchase tickets to explore. The place offers hiking enthusiasts with some splendid hiking hotspots.

4. Canyonlands National Park

This National Park is full of buttes, mesas and canyons formed by Colorado River. There are 4 districts within this desert atmosphere where every district has been formed in a unique way by Colorado River along with its tributaries. Every district offers the travellers with amazing views of the surrounding areas. Maze happens to be the most remote district of the place.

5. Yosemite National Park

Based in central California, this southwest national park serves as the perfect destination for rock climbers and recreational enthusiasts. Climbers from various corners of the world travel to the place to experience the challenges presented by this place. Travellers can also enjoy other activities like backpacking, hiking and biking.

6. Zion National Park

The place is highly popular for its abundance of canyons. Travellers can get engaged in different outdoor activities in the place like biking, hiking and many more. It is also possible to take the car through certain areas of the park which can be extreme fun. Another interesting feature of the place is the availability of hundreds of different bird species which attract bird-watchers from every part of the state and even outside.

The best national parks of the southwest promise to offer travellers with spectacular views of nature and surroundings, that too in the most adventurous and exciting manner.

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