Death Valley National Park

About the 10 Winter Camping Escapades in USA

Camping is the one of the most interesting and refreshing activities for many people across the world. The experience of camping during winter is completely different from camping during summer. In the US, there are numerous sites and spots for camping during the winter. Hereunder are 10 winter camping escapades in USA.

1. Anacapa islands

It is located in Ventura County. Anacapa is part of archipelago named Channel Islands. The lighthouse and the natural bridge to the east of the island are famous attractions. Since it is an island, the temperature is never extreme, which makes it an ideal winter camping escapade.

2. Curry Hammock State Park

It is located in Monroe County in Florida and is governed by Florida Department of Environment Protection. Fishing, Kayaking and beach activities are some of the attractions of Curry Hammock State Park.

3. Death Valley National Park

It is among the most extreme places on the surface of the Earth. Its expanse is more than 800 km² that lies below sea-level. During summer, the temperature reaches as much as 56°C. However, during winters it ranges between 4°C to 21°C.

4. Palmetto Island State Park

Recently included in to Louisiana State Parks, palmetto island state park is the place for winter camping in Vermillion Parish. The park also has the facility for overnight stay.

5. Palm Springs Campground

It is another notable winter camping area in the US that hosts many recreational activities. Boomers for family entertainment and The Palm Springs Desert Ice Palace for ice skating are famous in the region. There is also a skate park by the name Nude Bowl.

6. Pensacola West

It is a part of Perdido Bay and has waterfront campgrounds that have a hot tub location and swimming pools. Its Pacific weather makes staying there enjoyable.

7. Pine Grove

It is situated in Arizona and is famous for canyons and pine forests. The terrains are rugged and mountainous and have temperate climate. Grand Canyon is the biggest attraction apart from ancient ruins, lava craters and Sedona Red Rocks.

8. Sage Hill Campground

It is situated in the Santa Barbara Islands. It has a warm and pleasant climate, which visitors can enjoy not only in winters but throughout the year. Biking, fishing, hiking, etc. are a few activities that campers can indulge in.

9. Salmon River

The Campground has picturesque location, which is mixture of pines and meadows. It is five miles away from Stanley, which means the town of Rocky Mountains can also be on the cards. Biking, fishing, hiking, horse riding, rafting, skiing, snowmobiling, etc. are the attractive activities in the region.

10. San Onofre

It is an eco-friendly canyon park. There are beaches, bluffs and camp grounds in the park. The bluffs overlook the beach and are perfect fantastic for camping. Camping is not allowed on surf beaches.

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