Jasper National Park at Alberta

Canada’s Top Camping and Hiking Parks

Canada is full of natural wonders that it can be a real treat for people in love with camping and hiking. There are a number of clear lakes, forests, glaciers and mountains within these parks. These natural parks in Canada are not just sites that attract the campers, but also a number of travellers from all over the world. How about visiting some of Canada’s top camping and hiking parks? Some of the popular parks have been discussed below.

Jasper National Park at Alberta

Nature can be found in its most rugged beauty at Jasper National Park which is part of the UNESCO Rocky Mountains heritage. The southern borders of this parkway is formed by the famous Columbian ice field. The Sunwapta Falls, Miette Hot Springs, Mount Edith Cavell, and Maligne Lake along with Athabasca, the glacier in North America, are some of the most exquisite places that attract the campers and hikers. The hiking trails continue for over 1,200 kilometres, offering picturesque sightseeing alongside hiking.

Cape Breton Highlands National Park

Nova Scotia has always been known to be among the famous places which are full of wilderness. This place offers breathe taking view covering an expanse of more than 350 square miles. The park boasts of highland scenery, coastal trails and offers the most appropriate place for the hiking enthusiasts. The Cabot trail, which is the most famous of the hiking trails of Canada, passes through the park. The site offers a great place for hiking along with its swathe of snap-worthy sights.

Mount Revelstoke National Park at British Columbia

The smallest of the national parks in Canada is the Revelstoke National Park. The park, besides being famous for hiking, is also a destination for all those who love fishing, biking, winter sports, and wildlife viewing. Mount Revelstoke has ten hiking trails that can be tried by all. The popular and preferred among the trails are those of Skunk Cabbage Boardwalk, Giant Cedar Boardwalk, and the meadows-in-sky trail.

Dinosaur Provincial Park

The name of the park has been derived from the fossils that are found there and it counts among Canada’s top camping and hiking parks. The park has an other-worldly beauty that attracts not just the campers and hikers but also the tourists from around the globe. The place also has many hiking holiday specialists who are responsible for taking people to a guided walk or hiking along the trails.

Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

The reserve offers a very large area that has been sectioned into three distinct regions- the Broken Group Islands, the Long Beach, and the West Coast Trail, which is fifty mile long hiking route.

Canada has always been known to be one of the best places for the nature lovers. The nature parks mentioned above surely presents a great opportunity to camp in an all-natural environment.

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