Destination Recommendation: Consider Page, AZ


The first thing that comes to mind is desert and mountains but this area of the United States is a very diverse region that offers a wide variety of activities for those seeking an outdoor adventure.

The following will give you a small overview of what you can expect to find if you mosey on through Page, Arizona.


There is no shortage to the amount of options you have if/when you want to camp in Page.

The surrounding areas are wide and open so if you’re feeling adventurous you can always setup somewhere off in the distance and enjoy the night to yourself but if you want access to a few facilities or want to get closer to some of the prime locations than you’ll be delighted to find quite a few campgrounds to cater to your needs and wants.

Popular camping grounds include:

·  Page Lake Powell Campground

·  Wahweap RV Park

·  Canyon View Campground

·  Lee’s Ferry Campground

·  Stateline Campground

Many of these locations cater to RV’s.

The prime locations will set a backdrop of amazing views whether it’s the canyons you seek, listening to the rush of the rivers, relaxing on the lake, or preparing for a day of outdoor adventure.


There are many boating trips, rental locations, and guided tours available in Page, Arizona. Those showing up with their own boat can gain access to many different lakes and rivers located in the area that will give you a great combination of water fun and scenic sights.

Rental companies in the area offer a good range of activates, too:

·  Water skiing

·  Wake surfing

·  Knee boarding

·  Tubing

Lake Powell is one of the better known lakes and a proper destination for those that want to beat the heat and spend the day having fun in the water.


Boating not your thing? Drop it off at a Page boat storage facility and get your hiking gear ready because Page has a good amount of trails of variable distances and elevation.

Some of the more popular hikes include:

·  Antelope Canyon

·  Spencer Trail

·  Horseshoe Bend

·  Paria Canyon

·  Orange Cliffs

·  Monument Valley

The views of canyon walls etched by the wear and tear of the Earth are a truly scenic sight to behold; rivers running between many canyons make for a great spot to stop and enjoy your day.

Off Road

Those a little more adventurous can take their activities off-road and explore the canyons, rivers, lakes, desert, and mountains within the area via dirt bike, ATV, or a preferred off-road vehicle.

Arizona, in general, is a popular destination for driving trails, including:

·  Ajax trail

·  Flat tire canyon

·  Hot wells dune

·  Sunflower mine

The length, elevation, and toughness of the trails vary by location but should make for a great afternoon for those wanting to push it to the limits.

Fun & Activities

Page’s population is just passing 7,000 but there are still many activities you can do besides the great outdoors.

Popular activities and locations include:

·  Getting in a round of golf at Lake Powell National Golf Course

·  Seeing a bit of the old West at the Lonely Dell Ranch Historic District

·  Learning about the natives at the Navajo Village Hertiage Center

Of course, the creature comforts are there that want to do a bit of shopping, catch a flick, and spend the night out on town at local eateries and nightlife.

In all, Page, Az is a quaint little town that has much to offer for those finding themselves in the area; there are plenty of spots for those seeking an outdoor adventure whether it’s camping, boating, hiking, or off-roading. Those wanting to stay inside will find welcome arms at local favorites. There are many sights and experiences to be found in this little area of the world.

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