Enjoying the Picturesque Settings During Big Sur Camping

Located on Highway One at a distance of about 150 kilometers from San Francisco and 300 kilometers from Los Angeles, Big Sur Camping has enthralled prospective tourists all over the world. Big Sur is the ninety-kilometer stretch of coastline in between Caramel (North) and San Simeon (South). The camping spot is characterized by a cool breeze and the climate is pleasant throughout the year. The cool breeze can be attributed to the fact that Big Sur is surrounded by Santa Lucia and Rocky Pacific Mountains.

Watch out for climate changes in Big Sur camping

Climate in Big Sur is moderate throughout the year because of its proximity with the Pacific Mountains. But it is advisable to carry both your winter camping and summer camping gears when going on camping to Big Sur. This will help you to cope up with sudden climate changes as is often witnessed in the area. Dense foggy mornings are followed by bright sunshine throughout the day. Especially if you are planning to stay the night then you may experience considerable changes in temperature. Chilly night may follow a sunny warm afternoon and it is desirable to be prepared for both.

Places to visit in Big Sur

One of the most coveted destinations in Big Sur is the Point Sur Light Stations. Originally built to guide ships to steer clear of a large volcanic rock block it has recently been designated as a State historic landmark. Point Sur has all the necessary amenities to function as a lighthouse and has emerged as a building of interest for all modern-day mariners and tourists in the area. While camping on Big Sur ensure you keep provisions for visiting the lighthouse. You will undoubtedly enjoy the daunting structures of the lighthouse combined with the mystifying beauty of the lighthouse.

You can also consider going on hiking while in Big Sur on the Santa Lucia Mountains. The peak is characterized with grassy meadows and outgrowth of pine stands. After climbing on top of the mountains you can take solace in the picturesque location typified by diverse natural features and cool climate. Maps about the hiking trail can be obtained from Big Sur Station. You can also get other important supplies you need while camping from the station.

Other likely activities in Big Sur camping

You can also partake in fishing while camping in Big Sur. Though fishing regulations change on a regular basis you must abide by certain standard requirements like having a California state fishing license and an age card certifying you are above 16. Other specifics like gear size, bag size and any other seasonal restrictions can be found out by calling the California state fishing department. Also take care not to violate any quarantine notice posted by the California state. Hunting as well as carrying of firearms is prohibited for tourists in the Big Sur camping area and you should take precautions to comply with the same. If you want to carry any firearm for safety purposes take prior permissions for the same.

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