Arabian Desert

Explore the Top 10 Deserts for Camping

Camping is fun and educative. However, some people refuse to bargain for the fun part and like to learn the hard way. For them, the top 10 deserts for camping listed below could be the places of maximum fun.

1. Antarctic Desert

Snowy, icy desert that is the coldest place on the Earth offers various views, if only anyone can dare to camp there. Berg-climbing, ice-diving and kayaking are some of the activities that campers can indulge into.

2. Arabian Desert

Perhaps, the most inhabited, accessible and explorable of the top 10 deserts for camping is the Arabian Desert. It covers 2 million kilometres² of land across Iraq, Jordan, Oman and Yemen.

3. Gobi Desert

There is no desert on the Earth that changes its surface color with changing daylight but Gobi just does the same thing. It is often referred to as ‘flaming cliffs’ due to its Orange and Red sand-bed. This is the largest Asian desert, which was once the habitat of dinosaurs. It now inhabits snow leopards.

4. Great Victoria Desert

Spread over 420,000 kilometres², Great Victoria Desert is the biggest Australian desert. Certain species of creatures that thrive on this land are found nowhere else in the world. Sand hills, salt lakes and Coober Pedy are the chief attractions of this desert.

5. Kalahari Desert

Golden grasses, reddish dunes and 900,000 kilometres² of stretch are not the only reasons why Kalahari Desert is one of the top 10 deserts for camping. Cheetahs, giraffes, leopards and lions along with the Bushman tribe artwork on rocks are just too many reasons to miss this place for camping.

6. Mojave Desert

Both the Death Valley and the Grand Canyon lie within the Mojave Desert, which is the hottest place in the entire North America. Wolves, golden eagles and Cougars are not to be missed either.

7. Patagonian Desert

Fossils of trees, rock formations due to wind erosion, caves with prehistoric paintings and the sound of condors that fly over the head are going to keep campers quite engaged in Patagonian Desert. It is 670,000 kilometres² stretch of land.

8. Sahara Desert

An area of 9 million square kilo meters, size comparable to the US, or the entire continent of Europe, are just the facts enough to compel any adrenaline junky to head towards the largest desert in the world for the ultimate camping experience.

9. Salar de Uyuni Desert

If sandy deserts are monotonous, Salar de Uyuni desert is the place for camping. It is the biggest salt desert on the Earth and has flat surface, clear water bodies and striking sights.

10. Taklamakan Desert

There cannot be a better experience than to camp at Taklamakan, which literally means ‘the place of no return’, and then return home. 270,000 kilometres² of expanse with Silk Paths on ends and mummies, oasis spots and ancient temples wait to make camping memorable.

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