Visit the Grand Canyon National Park for a Lifetime Enjoyment

Grand Canyon National Park is one of the oldest and most beautiful national parks located in the USA. Situated in Utah, Arizona, it has been named as a world heritage site by UNESCO. The most important location that the park features is the Grand Canyon – one of the most beautiful gorges of the Colorado River.

The Grand Canyon National Park, covering an area of 1,217,262 acres is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The Grand Canyon is one of the most impressive natural gorges in nature. It has been created through erosions which have taken place through millions of years. The Grand Canyon is the deepest gorge which features towering Rocky Mountains and amazing stone formations. The park is rugged and very rocky.

Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park was established on the 26th of February in the year 1919. It was first a forest reserve which later turned out to be a park initiated for the protection and preservation of wildlife. The park is divided into two segments – the North Rim as well as the South Rim. The Northern Rim is smaller and does not have many activities, however the Southern Rim has a lot of activities. There are various waterfalls and boulders which have been formed by the recurrent erosions by permanent as well as seasonal rivers. There are also remains of various kinds of fossils which were formed from the remains of early plants, and mammals.

There are approximately around 1000 species which have been acknowledged in the park consisting of 11 endangered plant species, like Cactus, Palmer Amsonia, Secular Catchfly, Primrose, 76 species of mammals, 41 reptiles, and 299 birds, and the list goes on. The park also consists of approximately around 2600 ruins of prehistoric cultures including Archaic and Anasazi Indians. They could adapt themselves to any kind of climate and physiography, based on their physical build.

One can visit the Grand Canyon National Park for a range of activities and entertainment during their visit to Colorado. Entertainment includes biking, horse ridings, ATV tours and fishing, a guide to various museums and ranch activities plus shopping and snowmobiling. The Park consists of varied kinds of habitats as well as climates which vary from desert to mountains. Previously there were also helicopters and small planes which hovered over the park; however now it is reduced immensely because of an accident. There are various hotels and restaurants for lodging as well as dining. There is also a community which provides food, lodging, runs hospitals and churches and also has trained guides for tours and walks along the trail.

There are various opportunities of river trips through the Grand Canyon National Park. They consist of commercial as well as non commercial trips on the Colorado River. The trips are on ferries and motorized rafts which initiate from Lee ferry to diamond creek. It is great for children as well as a great break for you too.

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