Arches National Park

Great Hiking Trails in the United States

The great hiking trails in the United States make people realise that it is completely a different thing to feel the earth beneath their feet and pause on the cliff- edge. A sense of simplicity is also there in putting everything inside their backpack and heading straight into the woodlands to communicate with their surroundings.

1. Denali National Park and Preserve

If someone truly wants to experience the untamed and rugged side of the great hiking trails in the United States, then they have to leave everything behind in the mainland and head straight to Denali National Park, Alaska. This is not like any other national park since hikers here are not typically cruising on cut trails. Genuine backcountry hiking and myriad challenges come with this national park. It also means that the visitor has to forge his/ her own path, which a large number of parks fails to provide to hikers.

2. Mount Whitney

In lower 48, this holds the status of being the highest mountain peak. Mount Whitney will be forcing its visitors to navigate river crossings, steer through slick boulders and switchbacks and make their way through the snowfield before touching the summit. Moreover, after reaching the top, the most one can do is relax and soak in the view for an hour. Then it is down back again, filled with some wonderful memories, amazing photographs, and a sense of accomplishment.

3. Arches National Park

This is the Mecca for fanatics of desert hiking. The precarious sandstone arches and red rocks of this place demands attention straightaway and the best technique to see them is to walk in the midst of it. Being one of the great hiking trails in the United States, this national park is not that difficult with any amateur day hiker to move around and explore easily. It might be lacking some massive mountaintop accents but the place surely guarantees in giving some spectacular views. The trails are not that easy, with a large number of them posing some difficult hiking terrains, with rocky and steep trails. Devil’s Garden Trail is a must- try as it is Arches’ longest at 7 miles.

4. Zion National Park

One must give this national park a try if they are looking for few of the most gorgeous canyons and cliffs. It doesn’t matter whether one chooses to stay on the rims or dive into canyons; hikers are guaranteed to see a miscellaneous ecology throughout. Like every other great hiking trails in the United States, one needs to plan ahead and acquire their backcountry permit for overnight excursions. Easy day hikes can be taken to witness fascinating waterfalls, Virgin River Valley, and sandstone canyon walls.

5. John Muir Trail

This is a 211- mile long Crest- Parallel trail with the major part of it lying in high elevation, instead of the conventional crest to valley hiking expeditions. Aside from the Yosemite hike, the trail doesn’t go below 8000ft.

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