Mobile Camping in Different Parts of the World

Mobile camping is serious business and is called so because campers keep moving with all their stuffs loaded into their backpacks. This camping is done at a location where there is no restriction from the government. In short, the fun and adventure is unlimited for those who are fit and passionate. Across the world, there are numerous destinations that are suitable for such type of camping and facilitated by camping service providers or travel operators.

1. Antarctica

There cannot be a more extreme mobile camping experience than in Antarctica, which is a no man’s land indeed. The fifth largest continent in the world, it has a number of perennially manned research stations from different countries which are interspersed across the permanently frozen island. While quest of the South Pole is the most popular, camping on nearby small islands could be equally adventurous. Penguins, seals, whales and albatrosses are the dominating species in and around Antarctica.

2. Gobi Desert

Mongolia is one the places that few people include to their list and therefore, is the best for mobile camping. Gobi desert is s place spread across 1,295,000 square kilometers; it is an extreme desert where temperatures reach -40°C in winters and +50°C in summers. However, there is great animal diversity in the region. Gobi Gurvansaikhan National Park can be a major attraction for mobile campers. Moreover, the desert is the land significant for fossil records. Dinosaur eggs were found on the plateau desert and no camper knows what he may discover on his trip to this place.

3. Madagascar

There are few places in the World like Madagascar. About 90% of all the animal and plant species found in Madagascar are unique to the island country. Campers must know that the eastern part of the island is largely rainforest; central highlands are cool and dry while the west is even drier. Monsoon prevails from November to April and tropical cyclones damage local economy and infrastructure everywhere. So, while there is much to experience during camping in Madagascar, there are some things to be careful about too.

4. New Zealand

The country that is always suited for camping is New Zealand. It has always been one of the favorites among the adventure seekers. It is a competitor to Madagascar in biodiversity. Presently, about 23% of the island is covered with forest where endemic species like the Kiwis thrive. Campers can enjoy the temperate maritime climate that is never too hot or too cold. Cruises, bike rides, rafting, sledging, etc. can make the quiet camping experience a thrilling adventure tour for all the campers. Camping around New Zealand is surely a one good adventure, especially if you add up going for good road trips around the country afterwards, and to enjoy more this adventure, getting the best cars per your need is important, you can check:

5. The United Kingdom

This is a great region where history and heritage seem to be telling some or the other story wherever one goes. UK has both advanced manmade infrastructure and rich natural landscapes.

Camping is definitely a fun-filled activity which can be enhanced only if the right location has been chosen. Mobile camping being one of the most aggressive forms of camping requires adequate places to leverage upon the possibilities.

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