Banyan Tree Madivaru – Maldives

Some Glamorous Camping Destinations of the World

Camping is all about wine, campfire, tents, sleeping bags meant and various other complications that campers need to go through. But the very activity can be turned into a fun party if you choose to have glamorous camping. This is one particular type of camping that has been very popular during the last couple of years and it basically offers very good experiences. This is a sort of camping where a person feels very close to the nature along with comfy beds, spacious tents and showers. Some of the most glamorous camping destinations in the world have been discussed below.

Longitude 131 – Australia

In Australia lies a glamping resort named Longitude 131 that is 10 kilometers away from the Ayer’s Rock and is considered to be very beautiful indeed. This resort consists of fifteen tents that have a stunning view of the Aboriginal site. These tents offer all the modern comforts that an individual can dream of with an oozing location that serves to be perfect for adventure and romance. The main aim of the resort is to protect the environment and the profits generated are re-invested into training and indigenous lands across Australia.

Whitepod Eco Hotel– Switzerland

The resort named Whitepod in Switzerland is not suitable for people who do not like the snow because this resort consists of pods that are shaped like an igloo. This is basically an eco camp that has got everything starting from a romantic escape to sweeping views of the Alps. It has also got gourmet food, private fireplace and a spa to offer to the campers. The people who stay in this resort also get the facility of accessing ski slopes that are individually owned.

Treehotel – Sweden

The Tree Hotel in Sweden is located in the Lapland forests and it fulfills the dream of those who fantasize living in a tree house. The rooms of this hotel are suspended amid six and forty feet and are found among the pines. These rooms have been designed by architects who are popular in this field. The exteriors of the hotel are wacky consisting of a mirror tube and a red hut. There are very few amenities available with this hotel and the interiors are fairly Swedish.

Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp – Kenya

This safari camp is considered as a true African experience with a theme that is based on the 1920’s. This camp provides luxurious accommodation and is managed by the Cottar’s who have been there since its inception. It has got lavish tents, stunning surroundings, safari adventures that are truly world class and outdoor baths and these are some of the factors that make this camp a very successful venture.

Banyan Tree Madivaru – Maldives

Among so many glamorous camping destinations found throughout the world, Banyan Tree Madivaru is considered to be the best because of the luxurious camping that it offers near the beach amidst the deep blue sea and the white sand.

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