Glacier National Park

The 5 Great National Parks to Visit

The national parks around the world are truly the favorites for campers and these 5 great national parks are the ones that every traveler and camper desires to visit. The national parks have always remained to be the popular destinations for the outdoor recreational activities along with the spectacular locations for adventurous camping. They are enriched with scenic beauty with rugged and rough terrains. There are some of the all-time favorite national parks that have served the best for the camping and other recreational activities.

Glacier National Park

The Glacier National park in Montana can be regarded as the paradise for the campers. It is well-known for its scenic beauty enhanced for camping, adventures and sightseeing. The park has the native name of “Shining Mountains” due to its terrains that are glacier carved.

With a trail surrounded by 700 miles, this forest provides the hikes and the experience of alpine meadows, alpine lakes, pristine wilderness and rugged mountains. Being one of the most visited national parks, it provides the adventure lovers the best atmosphere for hiking and camping.

Grand Canyon National Park

This national park lies around the Colorado Plateau in the North Western Arizona. The canyon is formed by the thorough erosion by Colorado River which has made it the deepest canyon on the globe. A World Heritage Site, the Grand Canyon is one of the geological wonders. It provides one of the best campgrounds across the world which has always attracted thousands of adventure lovers to camp in this area.

Great Smoky Mountains

The Great Smoky Mountain National Park is one of the most visited national parks of America. This is one of the oldest mountains in the world which has more than 17,000 species residing in it. With 800 miles hiking trails, the Great Smoky Mountain National Park provides 10 best campgrounds to the adventure lovers.

Yellow Stone National Park

This is the first National Park of America and one of the most visited around the globe. It has a spectacular mixture of geology, nature and wildlife. It has the most intact, yet diverse collection of hot springs, fumaroles, mud pots and geysers. It has a number of campsites which allow the adventure lovers to camp, hike or enjoy fishing.

Yosemite National Park

The Yosemite National Park provides an extensive view of granite walls and waterfalls. Known for its waterfalls, the Yosemite Valley is the home of El Captain, wildflowers and meadows. The Yosemite Valley provides the adventure lovers the most exciting experience of hiking and rock climbing. The park has around 800 miles hiking trails with the varied strands of waterfalls, granite walls, meadows and spectacular rivers. It is among the 5 great national parks to visit around the globe.

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