Virgin River Canyon, Arizona

The Top Winter Camping Destinations

There are different preferences when it comes to camping or doing any other activity outdoors during winters. The top winter camping destinations have a variety in the activities and attractions that they offer. There are people who love to brave the cold in the northern side of the world while there are some who like to enjoy the comfortable and mild winter towards the south. For all such people the winter camping destinations present throughout the world are perfect because they meet all the expectations of the campers. The few best winter camping destinations have been discussed below.


Antarctica is one winter destination that is very tough for campers because of the chill that the campers have to go through. Antarctica is considered as one of the best places for camping during the winters because of the exotic beauty that the place possesses and also because of the adventurous experience that people get by camping in Antarctica. There are various campgrounds in Antarctica that are considered to be very eco-friendly with spacious tents, kitchen, library and even communication space.

Ice Hotel, Quebec and Finland

They are truly hotels but they offer experiences of a campground featuring amenities like dance floors, hot tubs and bars. These hotels are crafted entirely out of snow and ice and campers need to use sleeping bags in order to enjoy their winter sleep in these hotels. They are considered to be one of the largest groups of hotels in the world with beds made of ice blocks set in wooden bases and covered with reindeer skin mattresses. They are located in Quebec and in Finland are just perfect for winter camping.

Murray National Park, Australia

In Australia, there are some very beautiful camping spots like Murray National Park which is considered to be the world’s most exotic semi-arid region that is basically underdeveloped. The campers come to the park for the superior views that it offers and also because of the vastness that it possesses. It offers night skies that are star-choked, sparkling lakes and spectacular sunsets.

Hadrian’s Wall, UK

Hadrian’s Wall is a stone structure found in the northern part of England which is 118 kilometer long and was originally constructed under Hadrian, the roman emperor in the year 122. This wall was constructed in the form of a defensive structure against people who were occupying present Scotland. This structure consists of mile castles, Roman forts, temples, archaeological sites and small fortlets. There is no other better place in the world that can be selected for setting up a camp apart from this place.

Virgin River Canyon, Arizona

People who do not possess the courage to fight the cold and at the same time they have the urge to fight cabin fever can choose to enjoy the Arizona deserts. The Virgin River Canyon is located in the Virgin River valley and ranks among the top winter camping destinations because of the grills, fresh water and the restrooms that it possesses.

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