Upper Peninsula of Michigan

The Wildest Places in North America for Adventure Camping

Camping is fun and engaging when done with family. It is a good means to get refreshed for the routine activities. Unlike most campers, some Americans like to test themselves through camping in the wildest places in North America. It is referred to as extreme camping or adventure camping. Such camping is only for strong hearted and strong willed people because there are places on Earth that are really scarcely habited even by small creatures and organisms.

The Everglades

The central part of Southern Florida has the everglades, which is included among Lower 48. It is largely constituted of swampland. However, respectable expanses of grass prairies and subtropical forest with dense population of mangroves are also part of the Everglades. Alligators and water snakes maintain the notoriety of this wild place in North America. It is extremely humid and offers great show of exotic fishes and birds.

The Great Basin

Parts of California, Nevada, Utah and Southern Oregon constitute the Great Basin. It is obviously vast and being among the wildest places in North America, mostly dry and scarcely inhabited by humans. It is on the leeward side of Sierra Nevada Mountains. It is home to some exotic creatures that are found in few other parts of Earth. These creatures include Methuselah and Junipers from plant kingdom while tarantulas and wild mustangs from the animal kingdom. This place is truly for those who want to be nowhere.

The Pacific Northwest

British Columbia, Oregon and Washington comprise the Pacific Northwest, which is relatively less harsh among the wildest place in North America. It is popular (or not so) for its densely forested mountainous terrain. Since it is on the windward side of The Rocky Mountains, there is no scarcity of rainfall in the region. As a result of its wet climate, abundant biodiversity can be observed in this part of the World. River otters and salmons are two of the native species while occasional encounters with wolves cannot be ruled out. Its temperate climate is pleasant but the place deserves mention for its wilderness.

Upper Peninsula of Michigan

The word Michigan might strike the thought of automobile industry in mind. The Upper Peninsula on the north of Lake Michigan is really among the wildest places in North America. It is vast land mass jutting out into the Great Lakes. Its wilderness is obvious from the fact that it occupies 25% of the total land area of Michigan but only 3% of the total population of the state have inhabited it. Snow drapes the area for several months in winter.

Many more such places can be found in the United States and Canada. The wildest places in North Camp America include forests, deserts, valleys and other land formations. Each of them has their unique traits and various ways of unleashing torment on campers.

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