Indian Himalayas

The World’s Best Hiking Destinations Definite to Take Breath Away

It is the dream of every hiker to hike around some of the world’s best hiking destinations simply to savour on the vast beauty of nature and experience the world in a different way. There are some truly amazing hiking destinations in this world where one can just stand back and marvel at how beautiful Mother Nature is.

Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania

Situated at an altitude of 5895 metres, Mt Kilimanjaro happens to be the tallest peak of Africa and a preferred destination for hikers around the world. The hike to the top takes around five days from where one can witness the splendid view of Tanzania. Several routes are available to the hikers and they travel through nearly every climatic zone starting from hot grasslands to the frigid summit.

Annapurna Circuit in Nepal

It is the dream of every trekker or hiker to go to Nepal and journey through some of the most dramatic mountainous landscapes present on earth. Even though, the names Everest and Kathmandu first comes to mind thinking of Nepal but the Annapurna Circuit is equally a spectacular hiking destination and offers hikers with an opportunity to witness the great cultural and natural diversity of the place. The hike takes around three weeks which finishes at an altitude of 17,749 feet.

Inca Trail in Peru

The mythical place of Machu Picchu located in the Andes can be approached by hiking up the mountains. Hikers are required to pass through dense cloud forests, ridges and valleys till they reach Machu Picchu. The entire journey can turn out to be a magical experience with views of high cloud forests and snow-capped mountain peaks. April to October is considered to be the best time for this hike.

Indian Himalayas

Hikers are often amazed and stunned by the abundance of hiking routes present on Indian side of the Himalayas. A twenty four day hiking trip from Spiti to Ladakh not only presents hikers with extreme challenges but takes them to places where they get the feel that god really does exist in this world. The sceneries are spell bounding with views of some of the tallest peaks of the world available at the backdrop.

Zion Narrows in Utah, United States

When it comes to best hiking destinations of the world, the name of Zion Narrows is worth mentioning as hiking through its volcanic landscape offers hikers with an experience like never before. The most unique part about the 26km hike is that the route is actually the river and nearly half of the time is spent wading and swimming.

People who love outdoor activities like hiking, trekking, etc. are definite to fall in love with the world’s best hiking destinations as these are the places that not only challenge their mental and physical strength but offer them with something which cannot be described in words.

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