Tree Camping, Bavaria, Germany

The World’s Most Thrilling Camping Destinations

Unlike traditional camping spots the world’s most thrilling camping destinations offer campers with the perfect environment to test their stamina, presence of mind and ability to acclimatize with different varying conditions.

Volcano Camping, Guatemala

The Fuego active volcano located in Guatemala can offer campers with the experience of lifetime. Here they can witness the breathtaking fiery action up close and personal. If it seems to much a risk to take, then Acatenango, its dormant neighbor might prove to be a better and safer choice.

Antarctica Camping

Located in Southern Ellsworth Mountains, this thrilling camping destination is a great way to discover the splendors of Antarctica. The camps at the site offer exquisite hospitality and naturally heated by twenty four hours sunlight. Campers here get the opportunity to explore cross-country skiing and ice climbing without the need to worry about anything else.

Tsomoriri Camp, India

Situated at an altitude of 15,075ft in Changthang area of Jammu and Kashmir in India, camping beside this lake can turn out to be an amazing experience. During winter time, the lake remains frozen and accessibility is available only during summer time. Waking up in the tent next to Tsomoriri Lake can make the morning even more special.

Camping Under Northern Lights         

There is no other way to witness the marvelous and spectacular northern lights than camp under the open skies of Northwest Territories. In order to enjoy this thrilling camping experience all that is required is the right spirit and a bit of luck, so that the weather conditions remains ideal and the skies remain clear.

Australian Outback Camping

Australia has remained famous for its creepy crawlies since a long time but that doesn’t mean that it will dampen the mood of the campers. The Australian outback camping is perfect for the daring and adventurous souls who like to take on challenges and enjoy every moment of their lives.

Elephant Camping, South Africa

Located inside Kruger National Park, this camping experience allows campers to get a feel of raw African wildlife, especially elephants. Sleeping in the tent at night can prove to be challenging task mostly because of the activities of the nocturnal creatures.

Tree Camping, Bavaria, Germany

The hanging tent at Waldseilgarten adventure camp in Germany offers a camping experience that is unique in every way. Instead of staying at the ground, campers here have to make their stay on top of the trees. The tree platforms are another option available for campers which offer more support and certainly feels easy to navigate when there is an urgent nature call to answer.

The world’s most thrilling camping destinations offer campers with a chance to explore some of the most dangerous and adventurous terrains of earth. They can discover the hidden beauty of these lands by taking on the challenges and risks without fear.

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