Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore- Michigan

Top 10 Camping Destinations in the US to Pitch Your Tent

The top 10 camping destinations in US let you stay away from the everyday life’s stir and fuss. Peaceful and tranquil atmospheres where you can look at the grazing deer, flowers, sunset and lit a campfire are the choices of many. A few love the waterfronts before they zip the tents to sleep. Waking up with the birds chirping and the sun rising slowly brings you an idea what heaven is. Camping can be fun and yet challenging. You would have to look for a few hazards while you have ultimate fun. Find some of the best destinations to light your campfire.

1. Great Smoky Mountains National Park – Tennessee

A camping site that has historical connections of log buildings, waterfalls and also caters to the need of the campers who love their gadgets is the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This camping destination has apps too for Android and Apple iOS users to make their camping trips easy. The park is open throughout the year and no fee is charged for entrance. However, campers have to be careful about the bears and venomous snakes.

2. Glacier Bay National Park – Alaska

This may be a strenuous place to backpack but you can surely enjoy the cruising, charter and private boat rides. If you love rafting, then this is the destination for you. The park is open from September to May and you need to undergo orientation program to receive the free permits.

3. The Appalachian Highlands – North Carolina

This Land of Waterfalls is a great camping site for backpacking trips during weekends. Most of the campsites here let dispersed camping. While you can access the forest all around the year, camping sites are available on specific seasons.

4. Pacific Coast- California

Pacific Coast, with its 13 campgrounds, is a tougher destination to spend the nights. April to September is the season when the grounds are full. When not reserved, you can find 7 camping grounds that offer places on first-come first-serve basis. The charges start from $5, and you need to look out for the black bears.

5. Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area – Utah

The sun’s reflection on the red rocks remains the reason for the name. You can enjoy water sports, fishing, and boating in this camping area. This is also a suitable place for hikers, as meadows and mountain peaks let them reconnoiter the trails.

6. Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore- Michigan

This lake shore lets the backpackers and hikers explore the scenic trail which lasts for 42 miles. The twelve-mile beach has a campground which lets the campers to walk around and enjoy the beach.

7. Haena Beach Park – Hawaii

No waterfront camper forgets the Hawaii beaches. The scenic forests and panoramic beaches can be explored paying a tiny fee of $3 for camping for campers from other states. Swimming is open round the year and it is cautioned to move to the Tunnels Beach, a destination for swimmers.

8. Illinois Beach State Park

A combination of woodlands and wet parks mark this destination which also allows alcohol for the campers. Also note that a few camping sites are booze-free zones. Reservation is required to get a better area. The charges are $30.

9. Folly Beach – South Carolina

Folly Beach is a camping site that is very near to the beach and is very cheap. Water sports, swimming and sightseeing can be enjoyed here with all the family.

10. Clay’s Park Resort – Ohio

Various camping experiences that include glamping and primitive camping along the stream can be enjoyed here. This site has activities exclusively for teens. The 20 acre lake has loads to offer like fishing and swimming, while the forests let hiking.

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