Yosemite National Park

Top 10 Fall Camping Destinations for Camping Lovers

The season of fall or autumn does not mean end of camping and recreational activities. In fact, top fall camping destinations rather testify that autumn is very much a lively season and that offers fair share of beauty during this season too.

Yosemite National Park

Located in central Sierra Nevada, Yosemite National Park has ideal temperature and environment as well as few tourists during fall, making it an appropriate fall camping destination. Pacific Dogwoods, Big Leaf Maples, Black Oaks and evergreen and deciduous trees are found there.

Plymouth Park

Plymouth Park is on the island on Umatilla Lake in Plymouth. It lies 185 miles to the east of Portland and is predominantly the Upper Rockies dry highlands. River fishing and beautiful fall foliage are the chief attractions that make Plymouth Park an ideal camping destination in fall.

Great Sand Dunes National Park

There is no better time in a year to drive through Medano Road to reach Great Sand Dunes, which is situated in Southern Colorado. There are 18 numbered and marked campsites in Sangre de Cristo along the Medano road.

Poudre River Canyon

Its location along the Poudre River Canyon and the autumn foliage make all the campsites in the region an attractive destination for camping in fall. Most of the campsites close in September but narrows campground remains open till October.

Oregon Coast

The Oregon coastline has numerous campgrounds among which Beverly Beach State Park is a favourite of visitors. The beach can also be accessed from the campsite through the tunnel extending beneath the road.

Upper Peninsula

Whitefish Township in Upper Peninsula is a year-round campsite. But it become a real destination for fall camping in October due to harvest festival, costume contests, evening pumpkin carving, trick-or-treat, campsite decoration, etc.

West Greenwich

Rhode Island and the family campsite of Oak Embers have the most brilliant autumn foliage. Visitors can experience the campground on horse ride offered by Stepping Stone Ranch due since Arcadia Management Area is nearby. The place is referred to as the best among the best. With temperature ranging between 50 and 60 during the day and around 40 at night, camping goes smooth and nice.


Though the temperature falls relatively quickly in Adirondacks after the arrival of fall, most of its campsites remain open till late October. The 50,000-acre expanse of wilderness with 50-mile developed trail make Adirondacks a desirable place for camping.


Sedona offers scenic view of Red Rocks and the blue skies during peak of fall. Bootlegger, Pine Flat, Cave Springs and Oak Creek Canyon are some of the locations where camping experience is best enjoyable.

Northern California Coast

Sightings of grey whale, seals, sea lions, deer, etc. add memory to the camping experience in Northern California Coast. It is a very beautiful place to experience during fall.

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