Top 10 US States for Camping

There are many outdoor and camping destinations in the United States. There are abundant camping options at the state and national parks, wilderness, forests and preserves. Each and every state in US possesses a very unique appeal but the top 10 US states for camping have been enumerated below.

1. Colorado

Colorado ranks amongst United States top camping destinations because it possesses natural beauty, breathtaking landscapes and rugged mountains. Camping in Colorado also includes mountains, streams and lakes, forest of wildflowers, rock formations and sand dunes.

2. Missouri

There are many natural and conservation areas in Missouri apart from the famous Mark Twain National Forest, the Katy Trails that is 225 miles, 49 state parks and the Ozark National Scenic Riverway. Fishing, boating and hunting are the recreational activities that can also be experienced at Missouri.

3. Montana

Montana is very easy to explore. The wild, natural and untamed land in Montana is all-consuming and breathtaking. Montana possesses a couple of national parks namely Glacier and Yellowstone, 51 state parks and a number of recreational activities.

4. New Mexico

New Mexico is famous for Georgia O’Keefe and Artists Ansel Adams but it should also be noted that people apart from artists also have much to do in New Mexico. There are recreational, sightseeing and great camping facilities available in New Mexico. New Mexico also possesses a number of national and state parks and road camping facilities are also abundant in this state.

5. New York

New York is not meant only for city residents. The state also serves as a home to many people from all over the world. New York possesses Lake Placid, Finger Lakes, Hudson Valley, Niagara Falls, Catskills and even the Adirondacks Falls. The scenically diverse spots in New York are thirty in number that include mountains, beaches, streams and lakes and even historic fields of battles.

6. Florida

The other name for Florida is Sunshine State because of its humidity and high temperatures that are common in most of the states that lie in the southeastern part of the United States. The Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico surround Florida and this is the reason why there are many beaches found in this state. There are huge camping sites available for the visitors of this state in the form of South Beach and Miami.

7. Texas

Texas is also a great destination for camping because of its famous rodeos that are organized all across Texas. It is not a part of the professional circuit of the United States but serves as one of the best places for camping in the US.

8. Louisiana

Louisiana possesses a place called Cajun Country that is filled with cypress swamps and serves to be great for a fishing expedition.

9. Arizona

Arizona is the home for the popular Grand Canyon and this is the reason why Arizona makes for the best state in the US for camping. The Grand Canyon is a deep and vast canyon that is forged by River Colorado for 227 miles.

10. California

California is known as The Golden State and it is famous for its snow capped mountains called Sierra Nevada. There are many beaches also found in California and this is the reason why it ranks amongst the top 10 US states for camping.

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