Death Valley, Nevada

Top 4 Winter Camping Destinations in US

Have you heard about the popular winter camping destinations in US? Camping in winter? Sounds like a chilly idea, doesn’t it? Well, dear traveler, there is some good news for you. It might surely be chilly outside, there are numerous spectacular year-round camping sites, which are comfy as well as spellbinding in the months of winter.

Doesn’t matter whether you are cruising in an RV or pitching a tent, camping in winters can be a great adventure. Whether camping is your idea of having some lone time or bonding time that gets your whole family together apart from Christmas or thanksgiving celebration; the chills of winter should not be a hindrance for you from having a great time. If you wish to know about the exciting winter camping destinations in US, here is a list that might be helpful to you.

1. Death Valley, Nevada/California

Death Valley is known for its extremely hot summers. It is so hot at this time of the year that the campgrounds get closed owing to unbearable heat. Interestingly, the winters in Death Valley can be totally pleasing. The temperatures at night can get very flirty with the winter winds. Hiking is very popular in this campsite during winters, since the weather is more merciful in this period.

2. Cave Lake State Park, Nevada

Unlike the pleasant weather in Death Valley, the winters in Cave Lake can get pretty chilly. However, the cold is manageable. You will definitely want to camp in this destination,because here they offer tons of winter sporting activities from the months of December to February. These sports activities include ice show, White Pine Fire, outdoor ice skating, snow sculpting, ice fishing, and sledding. All of these amazing activities make this place one of the best winter camping destinations in US.

3. Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Michigan

Pictured Rocks is usually a less crowded campsite in summers, but their winters are filled with people wanting to camp here. However, if you do not choose to camp here in winters, you are missing out on a great adventure. This destination offers you ice climbing, ice fishing, snowmobiling and skiing in winters. Pictured rocks can be pretty rustic and rough, but it is worth spending your time for a wonderful experience. They also provide handicapped accommodations for those who need during day time.

4. Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado

If the name of this campsite makes you think about sand dunes, you are in for a delight. This place surely has sand dunes; for the matter of fact, they are the largest in the whole of North America. This campsite, just like any other destination has a full house during summers, but fewer crowds during winters. However, this can be a great winter destination for camping as you can sled, hike and ski on the sand dunes, which is the coolest and the best part about this place. Even though the winds maybe chilly, the temperature of the dunes stays pretty warm.

Winters are not all that bad for camping, in fact they can be more exciting than usual summer camps. So, the next time you plan to go camping, consider going to a winter destination for a change, and a whole new experience.

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